Lucasfilm Style Twin Peaks Art

Was playing around with drawing Commodore 64 style characters and made a Twin Peaks scene. Zak McKracken’s sprite already kinda looks like Dale Cooper anyway :slight_smile:



In turn I imagine a late 80s Kyle MacLachlan in a Zak McKracken movie now.

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Great job!

Zak McKracken: Jade give 2 rides


Zak is wondering what year this is.

I know it’s a little OT but that image reminded me of the Twin Peaks soundtrack recreated with the sound of a GameBoy (by the TWP italian translator Fabio Bortolotti aka Kenobit):

"Badalamenti vs GameBoy." :grin:

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Wow, that is weird. I can’t decide if I like it or if it sounds like the speakers are broken…

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I can

And I have one specific reason. It ruins what in my opinion is the greatest part of the melody.

Despite being a (former) musician my musical language is really not good, but I am talking about the “release” after the intial buildup that occurs at about 38 seconds into this video (just as the title comes up).

In the vocal version it´s at about 1:47 at the words “falling in love”

That´s a “magic moment” for me and it was great to be able to hear it 17 more times without having to dig up my old season boxes.

(come to think of it “release” might even be just the right word).


If Zak was going to be a movie, that would be the perfect casting.

As a premise, I have to say that, despite I like Linch and have watched some of his movies like Eraserhead or Mulholland Drive, I never watched Twin Peaks. But I knew its famous intro track.
I consider the track by Kenobit an experiment of pushing the sound of a GameBoy to the limits of its capabilities. And in my opinion he succeeded in his intent, in a way that was a surprise to me. Never heard something like that, while travelling for hours on buses with Super Mario… For sure if you compare it to the original orchestral theme… well there is no challenge!
Anyway don’t be afraid, the 8 bit Twin Peaks game is far away from being completed! Just some concept art as you can see… :stuck_out_tongue:

That´s great because I´m still working out my potential 1988/89 Lucasfilm Zak movie lineup.

Kyle MacLachlan as Zak McKracken
? as Annie
Molly Ringwald as Leslie
Lea Thompson as Melissa
John Candy as Lou from Lou´s Loans (he doesn´t need to be bald)
Bill Murray as Bus Driver
John Ratzenberger as Devotee
Kate Capshaw as Stewardess
Cheech Marin as Purple Tie (smart) Caponian
Tommy Chong as Yellow Tie (dumb) Caponian
Kurt Russell as The King
Dan Akroyd as Biplane Pilot
Mary Allen Trainor as Lori Amore
Pat Hingle as Zak´s Boss
John Cleese as Stonehenge Guard AND Bakery Guy (think of his french guy in Holy Grail)
Zakes Mokae as Shaman
Ben Kingsley Guru Swami Hollanwanda
Pat Roach as Ashram Guard
Roshan Seth as Prison Guard
Don Johnson as Miami Bum
Leonard Nimoy as voice of Skolarian Hologram
William Shatner as voice of Broom Alien


Molly Ringwald as Leslie
Lea Thompson as Melissa
Bill Murray as Bus Driver
Kate Capshaw as Stewardess

It would be interesting to know which actors @David prefer. :slight_smile:

Oh, that´s great actually!

Hah, I´ve already thought of Dan Akroyd maybe as the joking biplane pilot. Mostly because of his cameo in Temple Of Doom.

And that would have been only her second most hysterical performance.

That´s why I conciously didn´t name any actress for Annie because I want to leave that to him. :slight_smile:

I actually haven’t thought about it. If this ever comes to pass (how likely would that be???), I’m sure I’ll have some suggestions. In the meantime, I love all your suggestions! A riot!