Thimbleweed Park coming to PS4 on August 22, 2017

Here is the news!

(How many of us here in the forum have a PS4, BTW?)

Announcement on Playstation. com:

Official post of Ron Gilbert on

Trailer video:

Ron’s tweet about it:


I´m gonna get one. Main reason has been Red Dead Redemption 2 (and the fact that my PS3 doesn´t update anymore). But since that has been pushed back and I´ve succesfully pre ordered an SNES Classic Edition, I probably won´t get it this year. If I do however Thimbleweed Park on PS4 will probably my first PSN Shop download (if that is even possible since I forgot my PSN password and the email under which I once registered doesn´t exist anymore, oh the hindsight!).

Is it a murder simulator?

Anyway, the percentage of dislikes on that YouTube video is unpleasant. I wonder how much the PS4 audience is interested to this kind of aesthetics or games.

For YouTube comments… that’s actually pretty good. :slight_smile:


Nope, just the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time (it´s a western, possibly THE game now in the wild west genre).

It is still too early to tell. That will even out.

I know the reason, look at the bottom line of this pic :disappointed_relieved:

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I know, I’m just incredibly biased because the videos of the YT channels that I follow are full of fans who produce tiny percentages of dislikes.

If the dislike percentage decreases because adventure game fans will find the video and will add their likes, than both this first result and the later one lead to interesting interpretations, in my opinion.


Oh, did Ron Gilbert misspell Zak McKracken? I am not the only one then that has done that…

It´s just a trend I noticed that people comment on videos very early and complain about the high dislike ratio, which looks really weird when you look how that evens out over time.

10 minutes after uploading:“123 likes and 99 dislikes, what is this shit?”
10 days after uploading it´s 34440 likes and 799 dislikes but the above comment is still there.

Just wait, is what I´m saying.

You live in a bubble man, you gotta get outta there!

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I have a PS4 but not sure if I’ll get TWP for it. Just wouldn’t be the same as on desktop. It’d probably be a bit like when I tried playing Tetris on my mobile :smile:

Seems that a lot of people (judging by Twitter) have been waiting for this version though, so hopefully will increase the fanbase.

By the way,

does somebody know who is the author of this drawing? It’s beautiful:

It seems that Ransome forgot his balloon there, after killing Boris.

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Yeah, its very good looking.
The empty tuna can is also visible in that picture, did anyone find a way to use it for something?

I like it, but it looks very modern and is tonally a bit off. I hope the actual box art looks more true to the style of old.

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No. The only thing that you can do with it is optional and it is to throw it in the garbage.

I’m sure that for the box they will use a style more similar to the one adopted for Maniac Mansion.
That image was drawn for different purposes and I think that it might make a very nice wallpaper, if you remove all the text and logos.

Of course, especially since the original artist for the MM box art has already been confirmed to be commisoned (my heart jumped at that when they mentioned it in the podcast) to do the TwP Box!

This however, more looks like “Ray and Reyes in search of Slenderman” (who in fact may were well be somewhere in this picture! :fearful:).

I will buy to help the sales. It will be the only game that I will have in 3 platforms!

Me too. My preferred option to actually play the game is on the MacBook by far but I’ll be glad to purchase on every platform I can.

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I agree. It’s a very nice work and looks great… for another game. It really feels disjointed against the cartoony style of the characters in the game and even against Mark Ferrari’s highly-stylized and colorful backgrounds.


Yeah, YouTube commenters are a strange breed of their own.

In any case, my favorite Thimbleweed Park trailer is the one with :ransome: describing what the game is really about.

After many months of following the blog and watching the trailers and screenshots, and hearing about how there is so much more to the game than just the murder, I really couldn’t even conceive the extend to which the designers would actually take the game.

Then, I saw that trailer, and I hear :ransome: say something like, “if you think this game is about a murder, you’re *beep*ing wrong. It’s about a narcissistic, rich and crazy guy obsessed about robots with artificial intelligence controlled by vacuum tubes!”

And just as I was thinking, “oh, Ransome, you kidder!” he adds, “I’m not *beep*ing kidding.” In his most dead-pan voice.

I was astonished and it completely blew my mind! :open_mouth: