Funny (less or more) videos about Lucas* games

I want to aggregate, in this topic, as many as possible videos regarding Lucasfilm/Lucasarts games.
Mostly fan-made ones, they could be cartoons, movies or documentaries.

I start with this one, made by Matteo Bini (@matteobin007) who is spilling out information and explanations about WHAT IS the Secret of Monkey Island.
There are elements in MI1 and MI2 that are very important, to understand the secret.

Video in Italian, subtitled in English.


Someone should tell Ron that the Secret of Monkey Island has been discovered!

A proper Monkey Island movie (by Marius Winter), not this fake Pirates of the Caribbean stuff:

German version:

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Eheheh that’s would have been the second video I’d posted :blush:
A real gem!
Italian version:

This is quite funny but sadly I didn’t find a version with better video quality:

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In this video, the scene when Zak McKracken makes the wrong VISA code five times, and is transferred to the jail… in Nepal!
Nowadays, if you play Zak McKracken on ScummVM, the code is no longer required, and this scene could no longer be seen.

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Thank you YouTube! (I love tubes)

Last time I’ve tried it I just couldn’t get it to work. There is an option in ScummVM to reenable copy protections and I’ve tried all kind of different versions of Zak (since some have cracked data files, some have cracked executables, v1/v2), but nope.

You can run the DOS version of Zak in DOSBox:
Or play the C64 version in VICE. :slight_smile:


I read ScummVM has an “enable copy protection” mode - has it been tried with Zak? It seems to be available on the command-line with or in the config file.

Actually, this thread on the Gog forums shows another option using the Control-D debugger mode to jump right to the scene, but I think you can also use the copy-protection mode option.

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Good idea, I guess I didn’t thought of it then.

Of course I’ve immediately tried it now and btw., at the end of the prison scene Zak’s theme starts playing. In the video it’s sadly cut right after first few notes.

How did they manage to create so many catchy tunes back then at Lucasfilm Games? It’s incredible!

I remember playing around with the copy protection of Zak v1, Zak v2, MM v1 and MM v2 and I had problems with one version.
According to the GOG link it’s also notable that it seems like the commandline option only works when directly starting the game (but I think I was using the INI file back then anyway).

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Best moment is at 5 seconds.

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Please note as the policeman brakes the fourth wall and none complains :reyes:

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That reminds me that the different Zak versions had different intros. :slight_smile:

In the german C64 version the intro and the music are “faster”, so the intro ends sooner:


(And in the FM Towns version the discussion with Zak’s boss was cut:

If you bought Zak, you won’t see this scene - so who should complain? :wink:

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[quote=“Someone, post:14, topic:600”]
In the german C64 version the intro and the music are “faster”, so the intro ends sooner:
[/quote]Actually, the English link is the early EGA version. Sounds horrible in comparison to the SID music.

And the C64 actually has slower animations whenever multiple characters are animated or when the screen is scrolling. The way the engine makes use of sprites was quite ingenious, but requires some CPU power. That’s why the music ends before the intro has finished. Try a C64 turbo or ScummVM, and it is just as fast as the EGA version on an average PC of the time.

Take a look at ScummVM playing the C64 version:
Music has the same speed, but there are no slowdowns, thus ending the intro animation before the music has finished.

Sorry, my fault. :slight_smile: I opened several Zak videos and got the wrong one.

No. That was a problem between the english and the german C64 version. I owned both and wondererd why the german C64 intro was faster than the english one.

Your ScummVM video …

… shows the english version. Compare it with the german C64 version:

Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t know that.
But it wasn’t cut, they just changed the order, i.e. the boss scene comes after the dream and before waking up (which doesn’t make any sense of course, especially since Zak talks about the dream right after talking to his boss).

Ah, yes, you are right. :slight_smile: The many different versions are confusing me. :wink:

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