Maniac Mansion LEGO®

We’ve already listed some LEGO Ideas projects in the blog, like this one about Maniac Mansion:

There are also great ones for Maniac Mansion 2 (a.k.a. Day of the Tentacle)!


Why is aboslutely NOBODY asking for a Maniac Mansion 2a btw? :thinking:

I want THAT story, damnit! Zombie Dave! :zombie:


I guess it’s because the fans did it themselves:
Maniac Mansion Mania


Oh, how much I loved being able to play new stories with the classic graphic style! :relieved:

I love houses in Victorian style since the first time I’ve played Maniac Mansion.

This is a great LEGO one which could be our beloved Maniac Mansion mansion now in 2019:

There is also a grandfathers clock upstairs:


I wish the Monkey Island Legos came into being

Sadly most projects won’t make it. I wish the creators would then release their LDD files to make it easy for people who want to purchase the individual pieces and build it themselves.


Some kindly do, but you’re absolutely right that too many don’t

I guess they don’t because Lego forbids them to do so? I can imagine the small print says that by entering you waive all rights to them even if it doesn’t get accepted etc.

Let’s check.
Yep, there’s a three year period after rejection/cancellation/… during which LEGO keeps all rights to your design.
Worse yet, if Lego ever decides to make and sell something that looks suspiciously like your (rejected) idea, you agree in the small print that this is purely unintentional and you cannot derive any claims from it.
In short: LEGO has got you by your *beeps*


Anybody saw Perifractics fully functional Lego C64 housing? There are some Youtube Videos about it on his channel and it´s on Lego Ideas now also.
He build a Lego keyboard for it with keys that can be pressed and you can fit your C64 internals into it also. In that case you can use it with your original C64 Keyboard or even replace the Keycaps on that with Lego Bricks. Awesome and hilarious at the same time :slight_smile:

Here is a small overview Video with links to the complete build videos in the description of it:

I don´t know why, but I had to watch the complete build videos.

My first thought was, he talks a little bit like he´s the Bob Ross of retro electronics. :smiley:


I’m fascinated by this video. I could whatch it for hours.