Maniac Mansion released on Steam

This was unexpected. :open_mouth:

What version is it?

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Hard to say. The Trailer consists of footage of the initial 1987 IBM PC version while all of the screenshots are of the enhanced 1989 re-release.


Yeah, the media on Steam page shows a mixture of v1 and v2.

Also this looks crazy:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7

I also find the following thing quite puzzling:


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There is already a review from one guy. Although it’s not particular helpful…

Seem to be the requirements of the OS.

Is not Zak available in different versions on GOG (EGA and FM Towns)?

Yes it is. But you have to know how to get to it since by default it just starts with FM-Towns (also it seems not to be advertised anywhere).

There is only one Launch shortcut in the game directory but GOG actually creates two shortcuts in the start menu for both versions.

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Just a quick look through the history of the reviews tells me that it must have been No Man´s Sky that broke this guy…

I´m gonna take a guess that it´s similar with MM in that it´s v2 by default and you have to manually toggle v1 yourself.

Interesting. Windows, Mac, and Linux. I wonder what platform they used for porting. (Just checked, actually - ScummVM

The ScummVM launcher reports it as : Maniac Mansion V1/DOS/ENGLISH

And I just realized when you run it from the Steam library page, can can choose the “Enhanced” version. When you do that the ScummVM launcher shows it as V2/DOS/ENGLISH


I would buy Zak again, if they released it on Steam. It might even be an incentive to play it more often.

Really? After your current experiences?

Impressive. Every word in that sentence was wrong.

Wow, I can finally pick up where I left off, without wrestling with Dosbox. I’m amazed it’s on Mac :open_mouth:

Who fiddles in DOSBox if there is ScummVM support since many years? :scream:

Enhanced/v2 DOS version since 0.5.0 (2003) and Original/v1 DOS since 0.6.0 (2004)

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Yes, I’m on a quest to drastically reduce my long queue of never played/finished adventure games. I have played a lot in the last weeks.

I continuously forget about Zak. Having it in that list might help remembering me that it exists and I have to finish it.

I seem to remember you categorically excluded Maniac Mansion from the list though, why was that again? Because of the dead ends? Have Bernard on you team, he actually eliminates most of them.

It was a little while ago, but I seem to remember having issues running ScummVM on my tablet. So I used DOSBox instead. I quite enjoyed ‘fiddling’ (snort) - reminds me of the old days.

I have very warm memories of ScummVM in the beginning of the 2000s. I was relatively active as tester and was in IRC while the devs fiddled the support for Sam&Max into the code. It was playing until I get an error, giving the error in the channel, waiting for next commit, recompiling the code and testing if I can get further. :sweat_smile: It was fun fiddling with the game and seeing how the support for the game progresses.


Here is something to think about…

Developer: Lucasfilm Games
Publisher: Lucasfilm, Disney

Its funny, they still call themselves Lucasfilm games even today. I get it, those old games been made in Lucasfilm games back then, but those business development guys at Lucasfilm are still calling themselves Lucasfilm games.

Lucasfilm games doesnt exist, LucasArts been shut down and there is no more Lucasfilm producing games… this is just a hideout for Disney Interactive games, but the name “Lucasfilm games” is just a marketing trick.

Lucasfilm has X-lab for making interactive VR/AR games, thats it… and even Lucasfilm cannot break Disney policy that says: Never do any remakes

But it’s the correct declaration: The games were made and published by Lucasfilm Games. The current publisher is Disney. So the “developer” and “publisher” are correct.

btw: I’m curious if they are going to publish MM via GOG too…