Monkey Island Monopoly

Always wanted to own the Scumm Bar? For $180 it’s yours!

Monkey Island Monopoly:


The same guy also started working on a Monkey Island Risk game:


is it possible to get it somewhere?

It says “It’s fully available … on this facebook account”. I don’t have Facebook so I’m not sure, it may be hidden or you may have to contact him.

On DeviantArt he once said “I’d like to sell the complete template for $15 or so.”.

The meeples need to be fixed though: A tentacle from DOTT? A skull from CoMI? No three-headed monkey!!??!?
But that’s easy to fix.


On his Facebook page he wrote:

Y’all scurvy sea dogs can get your PDF template by writing to:

But that´s a post from 2014.
The most recent post is the one about the Risk game and that´s from 2017

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Nice. Except for the tentacle. Why? Aren’t there enough characters in MI?
Also I preferred if the others would have been characters rather than icons.

There are enough great ones: Guybrush’s original crew for example, who doesn’t want to play the Sword Master, or Otis, or Guybrush himself?
Or maybe you want to be a bad guy, like Le Chuck, Largo, or Wally.

Holy trademark-infringement Batman!

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