PRICE DROP: Selling an extra copy of COMI with MI Madness [SOLD]

PRICE DROP: Now asking $45 (shipping included, Monkey Island Madness still included)

I have an extra copy of Curse of Monkey Island with Monkey Island Madness (MI 1&2 with the COMI demo) that I’m looking to sell. $45 shipping included to the lower 48 US states. US only. PayPal only. See pics for condition.

I can’t verify that the Monkey Island Madness manual is genuine. My original copy is on glossier paper; this one has more of a “home printed” feel. I’m confident in the authenticity of the disc, though!

Send me a DM if you’re interested! I’m willing to split up the games if you only want one or the other.

Now for the horrifying damage pics. Overall I think everything looks good cosmetically, but I don’t want any potential buyers to be surprised:


Giving this a bump for the price drop! If you were thinking to yourself, “never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game,” now you can get MI 1-3 for essentially $15 a piece :slight_smile:

Well, the “problem” in selling these games might be that most of us here in the forum (left) are from other countries. Beside that, most of us own already MI 1, 2 and COMI.


I do but also I don’t. :slight_smile:

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Then you might want to travel to the US. :wink:

Sorry…if it were a more collectible item I’d consider it. But I’ve had people overseas both try to scam me or bail after I’ve already packed an item up and provided a shipping quote. Not worth it to me for the $30 I walk away with.

Perhaps pinging some members in the US might help… hey @yrface, @besmaller

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Do you have a facebook account? Maybe you are already in this group:


I would be interested, but already have those. Best of luck!

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Just chiming in here to let everyone know that this item is sold. Thanks for your help, folks!

And @tlammert, funny story…I’m the creator / admin of that Facebook group :upside_down_face:


To yours truly, in fact. So now I own it on GOG and in a box.

I almost wish I’d managed to score the library copy of CoMI whenever they sold it off… probably in the early to mid-2000s. :slight_smile: (Unless it was simply thrown out due to being scratched/damaged.) For nostalgia’s sake, seeing how that’s the specific one I played.