Obscure classics

Clearly a topic dedicated to nostalgia


This reminds me of Epyx’s California Games… lovely!


The very first videogame I have ever played on C64 was:

Admit it: you are hearing the footsteps and the elevator’s engine sound in your head, while watching this pic!





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Another visitor… Stay a while. Stay… forevah!

:laughing: I loved that game. Mostly for the atmosphere and the style. I could never get anywhere in it.

Return to Zork was the first game I owned. However I clearly remember playing Larry Bird vs Dr J first194224394_434a644545

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Interesting you bring that up, as it featured in this weeks Digital Antiquarian article. Coincidence?

Due to it only being released in German, Ambermoon could probably count as pretty obscure. For me, it was the best RPG made for the Amiga. An English version was made available much later, though:

Totally! But thanks for the article. Great to see it getting the praise it deserves, such an underrated gem. Wish I´d have seen only more than just a little part of that huge map, I never really progressed too far.

This one has a special place in my heart. Fire up your M.A.M.E!

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Anyone heard of “Timer Runners”? It’s from 1993-1995 made by an Italian company called Simulmondo
It’s so obscure I couldn’t even find it on mobygames!

Its gameplay is a little bit like Flashback or Prince of Persia but with much clunkier controls:


Nope, but from Simulmondo I always loved Italy '90 Soccer. Which I called “mundial”, due to the usual shady bootleg magazines.

I loved it because it was the only one to state the actual venues before the matches, so I always played with England, because it was scheduled to play in my hometown.

Another obscure one was Bermuda Syndrome (1996) and like my previous entry it’s also a platformer similar to Flashback.

It has some really strange setting/tone.
Here you are “saving” a princess at the beginning of the game:

And yet again another platformer: Baal (1988)
I never got far in this game (never finished the first level), but after drawing parts of the level (and noting coordinates) I got very close to the end of it.

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A very unique game. Logic puzzles that required you to use characters (controlled by you) cooperating with each other to reach goals.


The Lost Vikings is a great game! I wouldn’t say it’s obscure, but I would recommend playing it.

Originally I played the DOS version but recently found out there are better versions, e.g. Genesis/SNES would allow actual coop-play with another player instead of playing alone!

Also there is a sequel called Norse by Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings which I never liked because of its graphics:

But I also recently found out there is a much better looking SNES version (looking beautiful like the prequel, + coop):


@Nor_Treblig lost vikings, now that takes me back.

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Made by Blizzard, no less!

Some of the big developers really have come a long way.

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The Lost Vikings is freeware now, by the way.


Shadow of the Beast (Amiga 500).
I liked to watch the intro again and again.
But I never played the game… I couldn’t figure out what to do. Too difficult…