C64 mini discussion

Nope… they’re not on it…

Then again there aren’t that many classic Lucasfilm games on the C64.


I created a new topic to not mess up the Atari8 one right from the bat


If I had to choose I´d select these landmark games:

Koronis Rift (first LFG game that RG was involved with)
Rescue On Fractalus (David Fox´s first game as lead designer, I think)
Labyrinth (first LFG Adventure game)
Maniac Mansion (first SCUMM game)
Zak McKracken & The Alien Mindbenders (just an awesome game)


Yes, California Games is cool, too, but those 3 would have to be pre-requisites before I would get anything like that. And I think it would be better to just have a little C64 pod with a USB adapter so you can plug in a keyboard.

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Just to clarify: I was referring to the quantity, not the quality. The few Lucasfilm games on the C64 are all classics! Well, at least the SCUMM games are!

If you add to Milan’s list:

  • ballblazer
  • behind jaggy lines ha ! Gotcha! Software Pirate!
  • Night Shift
  • pipedreams
  • the Eidolon
  • Habitat

Then you have all LFL games for the C64 (minus the Indy Action adventure game and a couple of war combat simulators)

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As you know, I was gifted a C64 mini.
I’ve downloaded the latest firmware and now it’s possible to load any game, via a USB flashpen.

Anyway, I’ve tried with MM and Zak, but they don’t load. I can see the intro (Eagle Soft Cracked), I press Space, then the game should load but nothing happens.

I’m going to ask for official support, but I’m a bit disappointed (the files work fine with VICE emulator).

Edit: there are some switches I have to try, like “accurate disk” loading (instead of the default fast load).


They started with the mini because it’s much cheaper.
But they are working on full-sized version with keyboard!

Have you tried those filename flags? Like those disk drive and PAL/NTSC flags?

Edit: To have the link also in this thread:

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Today I’ve purchased a necessary tool: a USB hub!
Then I’ll get a 9pin -> USB adapter in order to play with my old but fully functional original joystick!


The hub looks nearly as large as the C64mini :slight_smile:


I heard that and it´s why I may wait for that one. Here is hoping!

May be the angle. And I know about ellusive angels.

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IMHO the biggest problem with the mini are too few USB ports. You practically have to buy an USB hub.

The problem with the bigger C64 version will be likely the price. But you can’t have everything.

Ohh white Raider I mean Twix! I only get those at petrol stations…

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If Gandalf was a treasure hunter.

I did it!!

You must set the Accurate Disk flag (AD).
I’ve also succeeded in swapping the disks!

edit: Maniac Mansion behave a bit strange. It seems frozen for 2 minutes on a light blue background (no disk activity), then it suddenly loads.
Finally I get the welcome screen!


:ray: I know this is a birthday gift from your brother, but apart from that, since I seem to remember you have a real working C64, what is so exciting about this mini thing? :ray:

It’s portable? It’s faster in loading times? It’s cool? I dunno. Ask Zak! :joy:

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:reyes: It’s more functional than a paperweight, and even more fun than a snake-in-a-box!


That´s what HE said.




How did you… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Also: HDMI!