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Let's play.... DOS games!


Continuing the discussion from Let's play…Sega games!:

Look! A brand new topic! Let’s discuss on all things DOS! Not only IBM-PC games, but also any game developed for the 8086, 80286, 386, 486, Pentiums,… on whatever system (DOSBox these days).

Let’s see if we can convert @RonGilbert to become a DOS boy after all. :wink:

Let's play...Sega games!

uhm, as far as I remember, I even played ZMKATAM on DOS.
My first DOS game was Wolfenstein 3D, and subsequently, DOOM.


Went straight from amiga to windows 95, so DOS that still came with it was all the DOS I got.


I’m still, I’m still, Milan from the block.


I already felt the vibes when I wrote that. :joy:


I spent my whole childhood between a C64 and a DOS 80286.

The first game I remember playing was called Big Three, which I didn’t understand at all, but I liked it somehow. I don’t even remember the first time I played it, but I vividly remember that I asked my father to play it again, but he couldn’t find the floppy.

The second game for which I have definite memories is Prince of Persia. I remember being in my father’s car, probably going to school, and he said “a colleague of mine gave me a new game, it’s called Prince, this evening we’ll try it together”.

The game I played the most? Probably Prince of Persia, since I still play it from time to time. Then the adventure games. And a football game called International Soccer Challenge which in retrospect was easy as *beep*. My first team was Liverpool, and I always lost against Manchester UTD. Little did I know that it was an actual rivalry.

Oh, and Stunts. Best racing game ever.


Same here.
All my DOS gaming is basically retro-gaming, or afternoons spent at my friends’ place, where I also played Monkey Island 2 on DOS (on Amiga it was shipped on something like twelve disks and required 1 Mb of RAM! too much for my old A500). When I first saw its graphic (which was scanned art) I didn’t like it! It took me years to appreciate it as I did with its predecessor! I played in full and completed it in the Windows CD version.


Oww I want to comment on these things but I’m at work and seeing Solo tonight! *bookmark* *bookmark* *bookmark*…


Now we have four brand new topics - we definitely need a “brand new topics” category. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Monkey Island 1 was my first game on a 486. And some really crappy shareware games. :slight_smile:


I first played Wolfenstein 3D and Doom on a Mac. No idea how they got there, though. :man_shrugging:


It’s likely that you got the Shareware version. :wink:


Since that was in 1996 it is unlikely it was any other. :smile:


Ah … DOS! The joy of tinkering with autoexec.bat and config.sys to free up just enough memory to actually play that game! And to add insult to injury, each game required it’s own personal settings, or so it seemed.

As for the games, the first two I remember playing were

  1. The Fate of Atlantis (on a PC at my dad’s business, while he was doing some work there on weekends). Back then I did not realize that an Amiga version existed, otherwise I’d rather played that one for sure.
  2. Ultima VII (by then we had a PC at home), and that one is still my top favourite game of all time (and likely will remain so). It’s the only RPG I since replayed (using the excellent Exult). It’s a masterpiece against which anything else must pale in comparison.


Now that you make me think of it, those afternoons at friends’ place, playing with DOS games on a 386 were very educational. They teached me basic commands of that OS, and that revealed very useful on the successive Windows OS with a DOS structure. Without that knowledge I wouldn’t be able to fix the trouble I got into on my first PC!

One of the games born for DOS which I played the most (as retro-gaming) was Heroes of Might and Magic I.


My first computer was an Amstrad IBM PC-compatible. I’ve tried to find out exactly which one in the past but never got to the bottom of it.

It ran DOS and came with some games pre-installed - Prince of Persia, Battle Chess, Star Wars and some others I can’t remember. I got given a copy of Space Quest 2 from my uncle. I think it also came with this, as I don’t remember buying it

Populous was great (you got to be God).
Pipemania great also.
Space Ace was crapawfully hard.

Oh and I got Commander Keen from somewhere. I remember the load command was ‘keen4e’.

I also used a word processor to write stories. I can’t find which one it was but it was extremely basic. It had a shortcut menu that ran along the bottom, where you typed a corresponding highlighted letter to go to that option (my computer didn’t have a mouse).

I actually really liked the command line interface as it felt really technical, like I was making it work instead of it all being automated. I wasn’t specially skilled or anything but I felt really clever just installing and running things.

Though I always wanted to cry whenever I saw this:
C:/> Not ready reading drive A
Abort, Retry, Fail?

Whichever one I chose it just got stuck. Usually my fault for not having inserted a disk in the first place, doh.

Disclaimer: this was a long time ago, so I might have some things wrong!


I remember calling it Prince, too. I think that’s what I had to type to play it after putting the disk in, so maybe that’s why.


20 years later, a PhD in Computer Science, and still I don’t understand the difference between Abort and Fail.

Those were the days :heart:


Oh, I forgot Captain Comic! That’s one of the earliest games I remember playing.



Windows 95, or should I say WinDOS 95? Oh you’ve got plenty of DOS back then :slight_smile:

On DOS I remember Edlin which was even more basic.
Speaking of which, I remember QBasic being used as text editor in later versions.

Oh, there is even a Wikipedia entry for this particular error message!


if fail… retry