[POLL] How much time did it take for you to finish TWP in Hard mode?

How much time did it take for you to finish TWP in :arrow_right: Hard :arrow_left: mode and :arrow_right: without :arrow_left: having already played it in Casual mode?

  • Less than 10 hours
  • 10-15 hours
  • 15-20 hours
  • 20-25 hours
  • 25-30 hours
  • more than 30 hours
  • I’m stuck since March 2017

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I still see some game reviewers finishing the game in times that I would consider extremely fast and I wonder whether they were in a rush and skipped a lot of dialogues and other optional activities.

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20 hours for me. unclear what option to choose :slight_smile:

maybe turn it into 15-19 ?

I got stuck for 7 hours for not having picked the trophy in the beginning, otherwise they would be 13.

22 1/2 hours. But you´ve got substract from that time that I read all the newspapers, books and listened to all the answering machine messages that were required for the achievements(I also found the x in the forest with the navigator head). The speck of dust hunting didn´t add any time I suppose.

Yes, it’s ambiguous.

Too late, options cannot be modified.

Would you have reached 13 hours without skipping dialogues and optional activities?

image Who the hell are you? :neutral_face:

To get an estimation about the difficulty or length of the game, yes, I agree. But all the time you spent playing might instead be considered an indicator of how much you were hooked.

If I had picked up the trophy in the beginning (and my grandfather had wheels) I would have finished TWP in 13 hours, without skipping any dialog, but without doing optional activities (I did not pick up the specks of dust and I did not read more than a dozen books ). and brute forcing the hotel room.


A lot then, I enjoyed the sidequests!

I was wondering the same. I miss Patrick! :sob:

British book cover Bateman is gone for now y´all get used to J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.

In fact, bow down to him and slack off!

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More than 30 for me. I did not want to finish it fast and enjoyed even to get stuck. Investigated everything, Tried every dialog, read a lot of books and heard answering machines. But sometimes I just loaded the last save, made some calls or read some books and closed without saving. So, this time wasn´t added…

Edit: This was before the main characters could talk to each other and before the arcade opened.

You know, he looks like a very famous italian comic, of the '50s / '60s: Totò (Antonio De Curtis):

You italians, even copying famous actors stage names…:laughing:

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I played Casual Mode first, so…

:ransome: Abstain

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To me first play was 17 hours and a half. But… Who cares? :slight_smile:
This game has engaged me more OUTSIDE the gameplay than INSIDE. I am grateful for this experience!

My very first play-through was on Hard Mode and took me about 26 hours to complete. After that, I’ve managed to complete the game in about 15 or 16 hours, but that’s trying to get everything, even the tokens, and playing some time on the arcade.

Casual mode takes me from 10 to 12 hours (I’ve played he game many, many times).


But you let all the cutscenes and dialog play out then, right? Because if you skip through it only takes like 90 minutes just for the puzzle solving.

Of course. Well, I think it would take more than 90 minutes…

After I finished on hard I immediatly tried casual and was done in two hours. The save with the shortest play time I have is something like 1 hour 20 minutes (maybe I´ll try and do a screenshot…)

I Just checked my saved games. By the end of my beta testing effort, Casual mode took me 4.25 hours, doing everything and skipping only a few dialogs.

The Hard mode took me a bit less than 15 hours, with every single Easter egg I and skipping very few dialogs. This included identifying and reproducing some bugs.

The first time, though, it took me about 26 hours.

I haven´t replayed hard mode yet, I´m guessing it would take me a lot longer, even with skipping. But just to finish casual, I skipped every cut scene and constantly hit the . key to skip every dialog. I´m sure there are speedrunners out there who get through the game in casual in about or under an hour.

I have a savegame in the wireframe world at 20hrs28 minutes. So I clocked in at 21 hours, including some 50 voice mails and books. And being stuck for 4 hours or so on a certain Ransome puzzle - although I am not sure this got linearily saved.

I did not play the dialogue-arcade version yet (well I did, but got annoyed I couldn’t just play any game). I want to forget more about the game and it’s puzzles first. Luckily goldfish have a bad memory.

In comparison, I listened to all podcasts twice (12 hours?x2), read all blogposts and most comments (200 hours?).