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Programming Of The Game

I have few questions about the making of this game

1.Can such a game be made in C++? I mean what is needed with C++ like SFML or SDL2…
2.Is there any good tutorial for making such a game? :slight_smile:

Thank You

As far as I know, the engine is in C++ using SDL as graphic library.

However, I think it’s a pretty complicated piece of software and you need some experience as a software developer to design it, I don’t think a tutorial can cover this.

If you’re looking for ways of making an adventure game, I’d suggest using a pre-made engine like AGS.
If you want to make your own game from scratch, I’d first look for tutorials on how to make a simple game. Then, after you have some experience, move to designing your own way. I wrote my own “engine” (it was more of a library, there was no script involved, but I could make adventure games in code) while a friend of mine was writing his, and we had completely different approaches :man_shrugging: so maybe join some forum of passionate people (like this!) and ask for specific questions during your journey, but don’t follow a tutorial, or you might as well just use AGS.


If you just want to play around, I suggest you download the Delores source from Github. You can delete everything related the Delores and make an all new game.

The only downside is you can’t release it to the general public. You can create your own github project and share it that way.

I’ve been asked about allowing the engine to be used for a commercial release and I’m thinking about that, so it’s not out of the question.

AGS is also a good option.


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