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Hello, and my graphic adventure engine in Javascript with Delores assets


I’m a huge fan of old Lucas Arts games since the Amiga computer years in the 90’s, especially Ron’s games, and it was those games that made me choose my professional career as a programmer.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Thimbleweed Park, and Delores’ mini adventure. Some time ago I wanted to make an adventure game engine in javascript, nowadays javascript works quite well, so why not try developing a game engine in javascript? And what graphic resources are beasts to test my code that Delores mini adventure?

And here it is, my first tests reading the Delores adventure assets that Ron posted on github. It reads rooms, objects, sprites sheets, walking boxes, and sets the layers for the parallax scroll, and finally I have my first actor walking on the scene.

There is still a lot of work to do, but it starts working after a weekend of work.

Note, when will we have a Thimbleweed Park 2? :smiley:


Red speck of dust… or is that blood? :scream:


No it’s not blood! :sweat_smile:
The red dots are the centroid of the polygons that define the areas where you can walk, it was a visual reference to see if I can use them in the pathfinding calculations.

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Cool! Modern HTML5 really has everything one would need to put a full classic adventure on a website, including speech, animation, and everything.

Yes, with the evolution of html5 in recent years it is possible to develop any type of game. Years ago, when stylesheets appeared, they allowed to make animations easily and games like a graphic adventure could already be made, but the inclusion of methods to synchronize the rendering with the screen (such as requestAnimationFrame) is what has made them reach a level very close to what we could see in a normal game.

I tested my code on my Android mobile and it works perfectly, with a smooth scrolling, synchronizing the drawing with the refresh of the screen makes the difference.

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Very very cool.

I’ve been making my own javascript based adventure game engine. I used phaser.js. Here’s a demo for a small game I made if you’re interested:

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