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Questions about the ending?

When creating the ending for Thimbleweed Park, was it something that came late in the design process or was it all there from the beginning?

Did it grow to be more complex over time? i.e (walking around wireframe land)



@RonGilbert should answer that, but we had a discussion about that (partly) in the development blog. I can’t find the corresponding comments, but they were in a post after the release of the game.

If I remember correctly, the idea with the wireframe world came up later in the process (but not the ending).

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Ahh I see,

I’m only brand new to the forums and couldn’t find an answer so I decided to post to this part of the forum, I wasn’t sure if I should tag Ron or not, I didn’t want to annoy him :joy:

No, just tag him. :slight_smile: But he doesn’t show up often here, so I stepped in.

And your questions are quite interesting! We discussed them only partially in the blog. So I hope that Ron will answer these a little more detailed.

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Tagging @David however, usally summons him. It´s almost like reading from an arcane book or something. :slight_smile:


I believe he has activated the option which sends an email when someone tags him :smiley:


Wow, that could get annoying.

Huh, @David.

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I think it´s alright. As long as he isn´t hiking in the Redwoods or fighting the good fight in the streets for a better future @David enjoys taking the time talking to the fans. :grinning:

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@David: Can you answer @dangerouslee 's questions? At least partially?

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So far, fans are treating me well. I also have like 1/12 as many followers as Ron, so that might be part of it.


I’d rather not. Really a Ron question.


The theme of the ending was always there, but the particular execution came about mid-project. Walking around the wireframe world was initially just an easter egg, but the more I thought about it, the more that it fit better with the theme and a way to drive it home better (show, don’t tell).


Thanks for answering Ron, nice to know, It definitely worked out as intended, “show don’t tell” is a good way of describing it.

If the execution came around mid-way through the project, was the repurposing of the kickstarter video like a watershed moment, or was that always planned?

Well you are a gentleman to be fair David, it’s hard to treat a gentleman with anything but respect!

Cheers to all for the answers and fine conversation!


FYI: It’s a general rule of thumb when writing stories, making movies or games.


No, that came as I was writing the scene you see now. It just hit me as a really fun idea. I realized that it was going to make it hard for players that had no idea what this was all about, but decided to take the risk, plus we now have the hint line.


Well Ron, I think it’s a classic ending, glad you took the risk!
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!! :delores:

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