Ransom as a LEGO minifig

Mike Berg made a LEGO mini figure with blender:


I´ve already thought about this. What the game really needs as merchandise is it´s own Kubrick Set. At least for the main characters. But the cost for that is probably to high for the risk and also I think Ron is not really a fan of dedicated Lego sets (there was tweet about star wars sets and lack of fantasy a while back to which I partly agree). Still I think lego bricks and pixalated characters really should go hand in hand.

You can make a real figure by yourself with least effort:

The base are normal LEGO figure parts (for example a white body). Print the face, the pants, etc. on adhesive paper / labels and stick them on the LEGO parts. (LEGO did this too several years ago: The kids had to stick the shirts on the body.) The hair and the balloon could be printed on a 3D printer.