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Between December and January I spent far too much money buying individual pieces of Lego to build my own Thimbleweed Park Lego minifig set.

The majority of the pieces are official but (unfortunately) a very small number of them come from unofficial sets.

The idea is to get these framed at some point but it’s taking longer than I had hoped and I wanted to share it here with you all.

I’ve created Franklin(Alive), Franklin(Ghost), Boris(Alive), Boris(Corpse), Ray, Reyes, Delores and Ransome.

I’m not happy with Franklin’s ghost but it was going to be impossible to find the right pieces.

As a bonus, there’s also a MI2 Guybrush.

I’d love to know what you all think!


This is absolutly fantastic! I love it!

I find it funny that alive Franklin kinda looks like Sgt Pepper Era John Lennon and I also love Ray´s fierce expression.

I agree with the ghost, might be difficult. The lego standard luminous ghosts with their sheets wouldn´t do either, so you got a lack of a face in either case. Which is a bummer.

But overall it´s marvelous, great job!


Those are amazing :smile:

I think Franklin is my favourite. The corpse also keeps tickling me. There’s something really funny about a Legoman lying face-down.


These are brilliant! The facial expressions match each of the characters well.
I think Ghost Franklin needs a face. Could you print it onto the head piece somehow?

My favourite is Delores :delores:




Wow. They are really amazing! Great job!!


Can you name the sets and/or the parts you bought?


I don’t know how you succeeded in creating these mini figures!
They are awesome!!

Even Guybrush and his banana…


Oh, that will take some time. I’ll try and write up a list of all the parts but in the meantime, I’m happy to answer specific questions.


I did wonder that but I think it’ll be better to order a custom minifig from somewhere.


Haha, it’s funny that you should mention John Lennon. That’s actually where the head came from.


During my search I came across this, it’s completely custom so I don’t think I’ll be able to obtain it but it definitely deserves a mention!

From here:


@robert.megone You last post is displaying a “broken image” icon.


I hope you used BrickLink to buy the individual pieces. You can save so much money buying individual pieces there.


Thanks! Fixed.


LEGO balloon animal