Return of the tentacle

You see that´s the thing. With a distincly bended and twisted art style like DOTT it is much harder to build upon than pixel art that follows strict rules.

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For the record, I’ve asked the authors for the licence, and they told me the following:

Hi Zak, yeah Disney owns the IP. Doublefine got a permission from Disney for doing the remastered version. Until now we got no message from Disney. Have a nice day 🙂

So… they did it at their own risk?!

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What risk?
No profit, no risk. It’s just a huge piece of fan art.

Doublefine sold their product, they needed a permission to earn with such intellectual property. Those guys don’t sell nothing, they just share their fan art.

I suppose they hoped to fall into the fair use case.

It probably is.

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Well, legally they used Disney’s characters without their consent.
A fan project where Indiana Jones was involved, has been shut down, because Disney wanted to.

Not only the characters - they stole reused (large parts of) the graphics. So unfortunately it’s not (only) a large piece of fan art. :slight_smile: I would assume that Disney hasn’t recognized the project yet.

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I’m still waiting for Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth, by the way.

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I suppose it’s an idea that sounded funny on paper, but when you see it… I found it so annoying I quit the game.

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:ransome: Dead hamsters! That *beeped* up my mood for the rest of the night.