Unavowed. A new Point´n´Click adventure

Unavowed, the last point´n´click adventure from Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games) has been released today. It looks really great…



I’m surprised that gamespot reviewed it and gave a 9. I will definitely try it. I logged in to mention about and you already opened the topic @Ricardo. :slight_smile:

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And please report! At the moment I’m not quite sure if I should buy it …

I’m hearing good things about it, e.g.:


I saw the Gameplay by Gamewalker it’s pretty slick.

Still 2 hours into it… I like that you move as a team (Indy4 style), and when you talk to your companions they are aware of the situation.

the graphics is hi-res, but I like it. :slight_smile: It also has a native HQ4x option!

This seems like a story-centric game, so I am not expecting too much from the puzzles.

The writing stands out. The characters seems strong.

Dave Gilbert said the first day sales are pretty good (the best he’s had).


What Dave and Ron Gilbert have in common?
Only the last name?

It can’t be a coincidence!

It´s a pity that is not translated to other languages (like Spanish). It’s the only reason why I have not bought it at the moment…

That guy reminds me of someone, but I can’t remember where I saw his face before image

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I doubt that … :wink:

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Both are mistaken as designers of Day of the Tentacle?


It’s just my impression, or the voices heard in the Unavowed trailer are the same of those used in THE DIG?

The talking voice reminds me Boston Low, and the female’s one Maggie Robbins.

I was able to have time to play this recently. After I started it kept me interested well enough to finish it in a week or so. The dialogues, story and different origin choices are interesting and well done. The way some choices we made in the game affect late game is cool too but it’s very limited. The story behind different choices is what is more interesting. General story telling is good too due to chasing the memories (i try to not give spoilers but game almost start with a flashback then continues on the present time.)

What’s disappointing is the ending. (there are different endings and none of them are very satisfying. I only played one origin charter but I doubt the endings will change.

Also I found most of the puzzles are easy and not much object manipulation but still good. The companions ( there are companions and you can change them as you do different parts of the game) work also as a hint system.

All in all it’s a good adventure game. This was my first game from this company.

I’d say 7.5/10. But the effort deserves a 9.


I purchase Unavowed on Humble, which includes a DRM free install and a steam key. I bought it for my adventure gamer daughter’s 17th birthday (yes, she’s awesome) and she’s been enjoying it- But I intend to start it soon myself, once I finish Trüberbrook. I did play the Prologue bit with her which introduces the storyline and basic gameplay and It does look like a game I will enjoy. Plays a lot like the Blackwell series from the same developer but the storyline is definitely much darker. (Not for younger kids!)


Dave Gilbert’s AdventureX 2019 talk discusses his life/career post-Unavowed and how he dealt with (and is still dealing with) writers block, imposter syndrome, the burden of expectations, the status of Technobabylon 2, the perils of working in 3D and the hardship of acknowledging when to give up on an idea.