Return of the tentacle

Fan project


How long until they get a cease and desist letter from the big D?

Uhm, not sure that it’s D property.

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That probably already happened since the project and its website seem to be stuck in early 2016.


I’m reasonably sure Double Fine only licensed those games.

facebook page is not dead though:

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It’s out now and it’s very funny! Playing the Prologue for just an one and half hour and it looks very good.
Give it a try and enjoy!
@RonGilbert what do you think about it?


I just played 10-15 minutes into it with the title thing and everything and I am VERY impressed so far…

This is great. Nice graphics (even if very simple…) Good music…
Awesome voices!!!

How could they do that in a fan project? These are pro actors with pro equipment!

And there are Sam and Max, too!

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doesn’t work for me. I only see white dots on a black screen, and the subtitles.:disappointed_relieved:

Considering they recycle a lot of art from DoTT, I wonder why they didn’t get a C&D letter from D.

I hope I get to download it before that happens.

The fact that the makers of the game don’t ask for money or even accept any donations might be a factor.
It’s also possible D don’t know this game exists. Or even that they own the rights to DOTT. Or what DOTT is…

Isn’t that a game, CD&D…


Convoluted Dungeons and Dragons? I´d play that! Not sure if I´d host it, but I´d play it…

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You can contact the authors on FB ( - they’re in touch with the players/fans and feedback is always welcome


You can host everything. :wink:


Awesome game! I recommend all of you to play it!

The game looks and sounds amazing but I don’t get how torturing a hamster is funny.


The hamster must be an informant!

OK, I’ve played quite a bit of this now…
It looks and sounds fantastic, but does it get to a part in a new location at any point?
I remember @RonGilbert saying something like “new art is a reward for the player” and I agree with that and new art also means there is a new location to explore.
Even though I’m kind of enjoying this, it’s like, ok, I’ve played this game before basically, in the original.

If it’s all the same art as the original, I totally get that, like it must be much easier to do a fan game this way, but I’m struggling to stay interested because of it…

So it’s all ripped straight from the remastered version? I haven’t played that one, so it looked similar but fresh to me.