Revive "The Devil's Men" by Daedalic!

A while ago there was a point & click adventure game project by Daedalic called “The Devil’s Men”; it was really ambitious, with a story set in Victorian times (the interesting thing is, it starts as realistic/historical, and gradually delves into fantastic, somewhat like “magical realism”), and unique multipath walkthrough/branching storylines structure, something I’ve almost never seen in oldschool adventures with the exception of Humongous games and the Last Express. Sadly it got cancelled last March, but there is a petition for its revival. In my opinion, it makes sense to sign it; since it’s not a copyright issue like Monkey Island 3a, I believe that fan support really matters there.


I haven’t really heard of the game during development but I’ve seen the cancellation.

Here is a collection of screenshots:


Also see my previous post in another thread.

I’ve been so hyped for this game, but I’m pretty sure it will never see the light of the day now, petition or not. Given that the mastermind behind it isn’t even with Daedalic any more, I don’t think I actually want to see it completed. That ship has sailed …

Who was it?

Kevin Mentz.