Lamplight City (New point and click game)

This popped up in my inbox today, it looks interesting, like Broken Sword meets Gabriel Knight.

Detective mystery set in steampunk victorian times! Thought it would be worth sharing with yourselves.


For the records: We have discussed the development here:

and the release here:

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Amazing how it already has 5 ratings (no reviews) on day 1. What’s that based on: the few screenshots/video? :roll_eyes:

Reviews here:

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I was looking for a “Just released” topic but couldn’t find any, I will direct future similar topics there in the future!

Thanks for keeping me in the loop

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Don’t worry - the forum search drove me mad several times already. :slight_smile: And Lamplight was/is discussed more than most other new adventure games, so it’s nice to have a dedicated thread for it. :slight_smile: