Point & Pixel Adventures Thread


Some time ago I published “The Castle” and now I wanted to announce that I am in the development of a new graphic adventure!

This time we will put ourselves in the shoes of a druid. It is an adventure full of puzzles and crazy dialogues. It uses the AGS engine and the 9 verb system.

At the moment I only have a small trailer in Spanish:

I also invite you to visit my website, where you will find more information:
Point & Pixel Adventures


Pixel art, puzzles and crazy dialog? You have my attention :smile:


Pixel art, puzzles and crazy dialog… It’s the only thing I know how to do :grin:

The Will of Arthur Flabbington looks very good :ok_hand:


Carles, that’s great news! Very excited about it. It looks great too!
Are you on twitter/mastodon?

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Carles, that’s great news! Very excited about it. It looks great too!

Thank you! There is still a lot of work to be done. It will be very different from The Castle.

Are you on twitter/mastodon?

well… a few hours ago I created a twitter account (@PointPixelAdv) to post news about the development of the game and about Point & Pixel Adventures. But don’t expect too much yet… :sweat_smile:

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Hey there. I absolutely love The Castle. I’m glad I have the opportunity to thank you for creating it. It’s a fun, Maniac Mansion inspired game that has all unique puzzles and challenges and doesn’t feel like retreading old familiar ground at all. I love how much replay I get out of it and all the different choices and endings there are. I don’t even know if I’ve found them all yet. It’s been in my favorites folder for a few years now.

I’ll be following your new game and any future games. You’re a terrific game developer. Thank you.


Hello Bobbin Threadbare. First of all, sorry for not replying to you earlier. It’s been days since I’ve been on the forum.

Thank you very much for your message. I’m so glad you liked the game so much. Indeed “The Castle” is a game with many ways to solve it and with many endings. If you have obtained all the Steam achievements you will surely have explored all the options.

I have decided to continue creating adventure games because of your messages of support. I will try to make “The Legend of Skye” better than “The Castle”. During the next months I will be showing information about the game on Twitter (@PointPixelAdv). All the best!


A small demo of The Legend of Skye is now available on Steam and Itch.io:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The English translation of the demo will not be exactly the same as the one of the game.

  • The full version of the game will also be in German.

  • The soundtrack is also provisional.

  • There is nothing definitive, even in the prologue. I am open to listen to all your opinions and to change things.

I await your feedback to improve the game!


I have just seen the pictures, but this is like a dream coming true! Wow!

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You nailed the Monkey Island 1 feel, and that’s great. Great art.

5 minutes into it…

I like the absence of music and the sound effects. It does a lot for the atmosphere.

I don’t like the fonts used for the verbs. Too thick. They need more love.

I didn’t like the piano in the beginning; it felt out of place, especially it seemed to have the wrong mood , incompatible with the jokes. Simple sound effects would have been better.

You should allow right click to use the highlighted verb, like in Monkey 2 onward.

Keyboard shortcuts for verbs are great. but you inverted the pickup and look shortcuts :slight_smile: “Use” is out of position too.

Pause during dialog with space doesn’t work.(very important if I get a call while playing – I will miss the dialog)

I absolutely need a mode with clickable dialog (because I like to play with my daughter, who can’t read English, so I translate for her. But I need time for that.)

I’ll keep playing later :slight_smile:. Great job. Very thrilled about it.

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  • I’m curious why you had Skye selectable. We’ll see if some puzzle requires it … the problem is it overlaps doors, making them difficult to open.

  • the cursor is a bit intrusive, it overlaps the background object. and it is not needed, as you already have the text next to it. A simple cross would have been better…

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I get much more Loom vibes than Monkey Island vibes from the trailer.
Neither is a bad thing, mind you.

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Thank you very much for your comments.

Some of the things you say have been pointed out to me by other players as well. For now I can tell you:

  • The music is totally provisional. The definitive version of the game will have its own music in some scenes of the game, without interrupting the important sound effects.

  • The font used for the verbs is also provisional, I agree that it can be improved.

  • I have already enabled the right click to use the default verbs.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are also fixed.

  • Skye is no longer clickable.

  • I’ll take a look for the mode with clickable dialog…

Thanks for trying the demo!


Thanks Sushi! It wouldn’t be bad at all :slight_smile:

I have a new trailer available for The Legend of Skye, a point & click graphic adventure inspired by classic games from the 90s. You are going to see new characters and new scenarios!

Music by Michael Lückgen.


Great looking game, looking forward to it!

The Legend of Skye demo has been available for a few days now! :point_down:

I would be very grateful if you could try it and give me your opinion. If you like it, don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist!

If there is no delay, I hope to release the game this spring on Steam, GOG and itch.io


the atmosphere , music and art are exceptional. The humor is great too.

The problem is the puzzles feel extremely underclued. I passed the seller’s riddle by brute force, without understanding the logic of the three numbers. IMO there is a design flaw in that riddle: before you can gather enough examples to understand what the logic is, it takes too long, because you have to guess right several times. That is unlike the corresponding Monkey 2 puzzle, where you can watch examples of correct answers whenever you want. To fix it, as soon as you enter the location, you could re-show the guy in black giving the correct answer again.

Anyway, after brute forcing the puzzle, I find out the seller has items I can’t buy. Fair enough. So I move on.

Then, in the gnome location, there is a “ditch” and I have no clue what it its. The description is too short. There’s also a dolmen and you have no clue why it’s there, whether someone could be in it, or whether you see something inside the gap. The descriptions should be more descriptive. Inside the house, I got the coin, and I smashed the bucket twice for no particular reason (but fair enough. a nice timed puzzle after all) and then the plank was revealed. I took the stick and put it in the first gnome’s hand. But I can’t seem to put anything on it. This quest feels underclued: why am I messing with gnomes? I recognize that Monkey2 was similar, when I had to put the telescope in the statue’s hand. But there was a story behind it, about an ancient pirate hideout, which justified that strange mechanism. What’s the backstory here instead? Why would messing with gnomes help me find the shaman?

Also, why can’t I move the curtain when there’s clearly something hidden behind it? She should at least acknowledge it.

Anyway, I took the mirror on the cliff top, the arrow, the wanted poster, the fox tail. I tried to use these items with all the gnomes, to no avail. Now I’m stuck and it really feels like the game is underclued. I guess I am missing a companion with whom to sum up the situation and focus my efforts. When you are stuck, you need characters that acknowledge your progress and point you in the right direction, without giving spoilers. Anyway, I see the chief is aware of my progress, and tells me to focus on that place, and discover what happened to the shaman.

Fair enough I guess. :slight_smile: I’ll keep playing. It’s nice to have a game as hard as Monkey 2, but damn, this one is hard right from the start :slight_smile:

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Hi seguso, thanks for playing the demo! :grin:

The truth is that I don’t agree with what you say! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You are the first one to tell me that the demo is underclued! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m going to make spoilers about the puzzles in the demo:

You say that you have solved the naked druid puzzle by force… well it must have cost you a lot because there are many possibilities! He is a cheat, the three numbers have no logic, they are three random numbers. While he is counting the numbers, he moves the wooden figures with his hands, and you can hear a noise when he changes their position. You only had to look at the number of figurines that are facing the sign engraved on the tree.

Then the naked druid (peddler) sells you some very expensive items and you don’t have enough money for most of them. But most probably you already got the silver coin from the shaman’s house (it is not difficult to get) and with this coin you can buy something from him.

A “ditch” is an excavation in the ground, long and not very deep. It is logical that it is next to one of the rocks of the dolmen, especially if it is possible that they have moved… I believe that it is not necessary to justify much that there is a dolmen in a forest of druids of a humorous game.

Hitting the bucket again while it was already wobbling makes sense to spill the water. Once you have placed the staff in the gnome’s hand… it is obvious what you have to do, just move it to one side to open the door… I don’t think this is a difficult puzzle. I think it’s obvious that the dolmen and the garden gnomes may be hiding something. But that’s something for the player to discover.

The curtain is just a curtain, on the other side there is only the window, there is no secret here.

I really don’t think it’s that difficult, and I don’t think it’s “underclued”, but I respect your opinion! What is true is that there are 3 or 4 inventory items that are not used in the demo and are used later in the game. Regards!

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I might very well be mistaken! I’ll keep playing! (I only skimmed the second part of your reply , to avoid spoilers)
I’ll keep writing my comments here.

PS: is there any way to preorder the game? :wink: