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Save the planet


My mum does that too :smile: (that wasn’t a dig - my mum’s very cool)



Dung, Sir?

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Save the planet, at the table:

“The EAT Lancet commission on Food, Planet, Health brings together more than 30 world-leading scientists from across the globe to reach a scientific consensus that defines a healthy and sustainable diet.”


So, like, the Mediterranean diet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Tomorrow morning, all over the world, there will be the Friday for Future demonstrations. The thing I like most is that many young people got involved, while it is so difficult to interest them in politics and government issues. Planet, climate and our future seem to be a great concern for them (together with the opportunity to skip school :stuck_out_tongue:) . Here a list of the places to join in Italy (maybe you have others for the other countries):


I didn’t know about this. Good to know, there’s one in Lugano too :slight_smile: maybe I can bring my daughters. There’s a map on the global website :slight_smile:


A parade just passed near my home. It was mostly composed of high school kids shouting “we want our future” with signs and all :slight_smile:

My daughters and my wife have influenza, so I couldn’t have joined.

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Went to the event in Munich. Apparently 10,000 people showed up despite the inclement weather.
I hope they can keep up the momentum. Our generation has failed them and they need to keep up, no ramp up, the pressure.


Sorry to hear about the flu run rampant in your family. Did you avoid it somehow?




Was here too today. The snarky and agressive comments in the press and commentary sections are unbelievable.

I think my dad must be reminded of how protestors were looked at during his days in the late 60s/early 70s.

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Not as good as the old Rap News, but pretty much on topic in this case:

Didn’t see many of those, to be honest. Maybe I need to turn off my BS filter from time to time :slight_smile:. Personally, I applaud this form of activism. Signing a petition on simply does not cut it.

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It´s basically people complaining that they´re skipping school.

It´s like in my Dad´s days when they shouted “get a job!” at them from the side…even when they were demonstrating for more jobs… :roll_eyes:

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Ah, I was thinking more about the likes of Christian Lindner, who has gone well beyond that sentiment.

In my view, skipping school is the bit that actually helps drawing that much attention to the movement. I doubt it would have the same force if it were a Sunday afternoon activity instead.


Almost tempted to check his Twitter were I´m sure to find that…but nah. Enough bad vibes for today.

You wouldn´t believe it, but I actually read someone claiming the opposite would be the case because people wouldn´t notice it at much when they´re at work as opposed to on the weekends.

Yeah, right obviously YOU noticed though, genius! :man_facepalming:


Not sure about Twitter, but the response he provoked actually makes it pretty funny.

But only because it’s in the press. And it wouldn’t be in the press so much if there wasn’t such a controversy surrounding it. That’s PR 101, isn’t it?


Wonderful, declaring an important issue that affects everybody and of course should and can be explained to every school kid in easily understandable terms a thing best left to experts only…ah so FDP…


Oh, I just remembered my favourite bit. I can´t remember who claimed this. But I think it said something like that the whole movement was controlled from “the outside” and they even narrowed it down to who it was supposed to be, it was…

The russians!!!

Can´t make that up. I mean of course it´s the russians. They are so interested in preventing climate change that they meddled with the US elections so their favoured candiate would win, who of course is a prominent supporter of enviornmental issues.

The mind boggles. :woozy_face:


Guess what. :man_facepalming:

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So sorry to hear it. But perhaps more downtime = more adventure game time?

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Not to diminish Climate Change, actually: