Random Anecdotes

So, I was at the dentists´ office once. As I leave I go into the waiting room once more and there stands this boy who is maybe around 3 years old and is really really small. He takes a long deep look at me. And I swear to you:

He looked like a babyfaced Anthony Hopkins!

He took a long look at me with an expression of dignity waaaay beyond his years and I felt he was just about to take a bow. It was so weird, the fact that he wore his tiny shirt the wrong way around didn´t play any role whatsoever.

But can you imagine that? I little boy having the facial features and expression of Sir Anthony Hopkins looking at you like he knows you recognise him?

Yeah, that was nothing special for a start. More odd stories as I think of them.


And then he said: “Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?”

That´s actually irritatingly apt to say at a dentist. :open_mouth:


Maybe because it was his son or grandson?

Mhhh, I should have asked his german mother, huh?

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I don´t know if I told you this in the holiday thread. But I was sitting on the balcony in austria and suddenly a drone came flying by. It was obviously a toy but the thing kept falling down and gathered altitude again until finally it managed to fly over the house (I was sitting on the third floor). It had those weird colourful lights flashing all the time and I kept getting worried it would fly towards me, but in the end it just was weird to watch how that little thing kept flying higher and higher until it finally dissappeared behind the house.


Good idea for a thread :slightly_smiling_face: I have a really good one that I love to tell people. But maybe I’ll save it for a bit and post a few others first.

:open_book: The bar of chocolate
This is a true story my mum told me about her friend - let’s call her Ruth.

Ruth was on a train to the Midlands. She had packed a kitkat, a magazine, a bottle of water, and lined them all up on the table in front of her. She settled in and started reading the magazine.

A few stops down the line, a man boarded and sat in the seat opposite Ruth. She thought he looked very respectable - like a professor or something. She continued reading.

All of a sudden, she sensed a hand reaching across the table towards her. Peering round the magazine, she watched with dismay as the man slowly peeled open her kitkat, took out a finger of biscuit, and ate it.

She was so intensely shocked that she couldn’t move. She returned her eyes to the magazine and quietly fumed in utter disbelief. The man got out a book, reached across and snapped off yet another piece of chocolate.

Ruth was filled with rage. Her heart was racing. She set the magazine on the table and looked at the man. He glanced up, she opened her mouth to speak, then he went back to his book. This went on for a while.

Eventually the train neared Ruth’s stop. This coincided with the man going to the refreshment carriage and returning with a doughnut on a plate. Right, thought Ruth. She collected her things and headed for the door. As she walked past the man she stopped, grabbed the doughnut and took a huge bite out of it, while glaring insanely into the face of the man.

When she got off she found her kitkat in her bag.


What a very british reaction to hold back like that instead of saying something right away.

Good idea with the bold headlines. Makes it easier to pick out the actual stories!


The man’s name? Albert Einstein.


I know - classic us, suppressing our rage :smile:

For some reason I picture him as that British historian, Simon Schama!

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When @paul said Albert Einstein I instantly had an image in my mind of that famous “tongue poking” photograph but with a piece of chewed up kitkat on the tongue.

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I hope it hasn’t filmed you naked?

Or use a (book) emoji: :open_book: That worked well in other threads.

I don’t think that’s a typical British reaction but more an introvert/shy thing. For example I wouldn’t say anything too…

I´m never naked on that balcony. I don´t want to cause any nausea in the neighbourhood.

Also a good idea!

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Aw. Let us have our fun :smile:


Don´t laugh at me! :sob:

A few years back, we were on vacation in southern France and had rented an apartment on an old farm in a small village. The landlord had this young, large dog, who really liked to play with ours. One evening, when we returned from a day drip, we let Schnuffel out of the car, when suddenly she came around the corner, grabbed Schnuffel’s leash and dragged him off. It happened so quick, but I managed to get a snapshot of the two:
It amused us to no end :slight_smile:.


Sorry, wasn’t laughing at you per se :wink: just the thought of anyone sitting nonchalantly on the balcony sipping a cup of tea while naked amused me :smile:


Dogs leading dogs…soon they will become independent and take over the world enslaving humans!

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That was such a good episode. “Where are my balls?”

Every time we go off topic someone* should administer an electric shock.

*my phone actually autocorrects that with a capital S now!