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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Since I truly believe that all the people currently writing on this forum are intelligent and respectful each other, I feel we can try, if you want, a discussion on a sensible subject: politics.

The best way to break friendship is to talk about politics by pointing the finger towards the mistakes of the past, where WE (I mean, the single persons from all over the world in this forum) never did and have no fault.
I don’t want this. It’s useless.

I want to talk about politics in a constructive way.

If you were the prime minister of a country (it can be any of the actual countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, USA… ), and with the power of making laws, what would you do?

Please, specify the country you would like to administer, and your ideas for a better living. It can include everything.
Let’s try to melt intelligences and different experiences.


I’m not very knowledgeable about politics, but I am interested to hear other people’s views, to gain a better understanding :slight_smile:


At best I might make an awesome dictator of a randome banana republic. Maybe I just should play Tropico…



Let's play.... DOS games!

Interesting! But I’ll just observe…exactly for the reasons you’ve mentioned on breaking friendships.
Not that I have such radical views or anything, but if you see how heated the discussions can get already on irrelevant stuff like games on here…


I understand, and I am aware of the danger.


It doesn’t have to be like that :slight_smile:

This thread is for discussing our opinions, with the agreement that we won’t take offence to differences in views, or put others down for having different views.


Ok then. I’ll start…
If I were prime minister of any country (but let’s start with mine), I’d pass a bill that really supports equal pay for women.
And chemical castration for sexual offenders. That one is perhaps the easier of both to implement.
There… let the thread explode! :slight_smile:


I’ll rant about Germany when I’m back.


Easy: the best policy possible is clearly to spend as much as possible and then lie to the EU about the deficit.


you got the purpose of the topic all wrong. It’s not describing what current politicians do. It’s how you would improve on things.


Are there any current laws in Belgium that claim to do this, but aren’t actually very effective?


It’s probably in the constitution that men and women are equal. But in practice…
Now I also believe it is mentality issue with both employers and employees. A law will hardly make a huge difference there. But we have had laws passing in the last years on not discriminating towards nationality and stuff like that when hiring people for a job. So the least they could do is to give a sign that they acknowledge the unfair pay and support employers who actively try to counter this.
Another issue is that (at least in Belgium), the one thing we are more tight-lipped about than politics is our paycheck. So that doesn’t help.


If I was PM of India, first I want to make a true agreement with Pakistan… And if they violated it… I would kill them!.. Next I would try to eradicate corruption…


And Revise the old education system…make it better… for students.(Cause I am a student!)


and teach them that violence is never the solution but always the problem? (hint to your Pakistan deal - which I’m sure was meant tongue-in-cheek?)


I was just too dramatic…


They changed the syllabus… Made is do the whole portion…in 10th … Which is a crucial stage…
Happened last year…
Results are out now… I got 93%


Probably, although I always feel it’s so unfair in Civ. They declared war, so I hit them with all I’ve got, and the rest of the world hates me. But Han shot first! :cry:

I would greatly loosen immigration restrictions.

Is that punitive or preventative? Our judicial system is not nearly technocratic enough, based more on feeling than on numbers. What we want — or at least what I want — is to prevent crime and recidivism. Punishment can be a tool to that effect, but in the last Dutch elections the CDA was campaigning on a platform of, to put it undiplomatically, sheer nonsense.


Hey, I’m the prime minister in this hypothetical world. There still is a separation of the powers. So that’s up the others to decide.
But I would say some preventative ones wouldn’t hurt either.