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State of Lucas Arts IP (not available for purchase or licensing)


Try Oxenfree.


As opposed to the grounded world of norweigan black metal…



If I want that kind of thing or if I don´t want that kind of thing because I can´t see it anymore?


Grounded in reality, at least. Unless these are different norweigans we’re talking about. In that case, pardon my ignorance (and feel free to enlighten me).


You asked for it.

There is even a book and an upcoming movie about this:

I had lots of friends who were heavily into this sort of music. And while I never fully could get into it myself I always found it interesting.


Found the main article after posting my link. Pretty extreme, if you ask me; guess you could spin that into a Full Throttle style adventure.


Hi @Kisai, and welcome to the forums!
Don’t you forget that Ron is the original creator of Monkey Island. Disney isn’t. Ron is the creator of both games: MI and TWP!

Despite the argument here is not only giving back the intellectual property to its original creator, the case of Ron is different from me, @dangerouslee or anyone else asking for MI IP (on a ethical point of view at least).


At least a dense murder mystery. And there should be ways to make this at least a little humouros too.


Both, I guess?

The Maniac Mansion tropes don’t personally strike me as particularly '80s as opposed to any other decade besides the particular looks of the characters, like the “nerd” and the “punk rocker”. I might perhaps say it’s post-mid-'50s or at least post-1750s.

Okay, and the nuclear reactor was made in Chernobyl…

Oxenfree is a bunch of kids on a spooky island. That doesn’t say anything about whether it’s good or bad.

Maniac Mansion is surprisingly excellent and much more enjoyable than many a '90s adventure, but is the story really any more overdone in principle than “I want to be a pirate”?


That has to do with the 1950s nostalgia that was a big thing in the 80s (funnily enough).

Not in video games. But it is a great game counterpart to many movies of the era.

And I think there are far less “I want to be a pirate” games than there are “I want to be a knight” or “I want to be an astronaut” games.


Aside from the satanism & the black metal soundtrack, Heroine’s Quest is pretty close. :smiley:


Hey, that looks pretty cool actually!

I wish Terry Jones had made a game based on Erik The Viking!


The teaser image could definitely double as a metal album cover


I seen those letters many times while i was working in IJ Fate of Atlantis SE. And of course, I didnt offer them 10 million $ for license :laughing:

Its also funny how this company handles people positions. Those people are changing work positions year by year. … from dev biz guy to head of dev biz, then suddenly vice president, then from lucasfilm to president of disney interactive… so on

BTW; Disney Interactive??? this is very questionable studio with very questionable employees :sweat_smile::laughing: so many licenses in the hands and they do shit about it. Lame!