Steve Kirk talks about TWP soundtrack

During this interview with Ron Gilbert, Steve Kirk shows up at 3:35 min and talks about TWP soundtrack:

I hadn’t heard expositions about the soundtrack like this before (I believe I didn’t miss them during the development podcast).


I love Super Monkey Island :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Video, great to hear some more about the music

I was watching both “Deloreses” in the background, unaware of being in the shot. Why doesn’t anyone ever interview @jenn or Elise? I’d love to hear their take on the game.
Kudos to @RonGilbert too for staying fresh when having to repeat the same thing for the 1000th time by now.


+1 on that. Especially since seeing any of the voice actors being interviewed in the context of Thimbleweed Park would be mighty excting!

Honorable, but I´d also would get a kick out him pulling an Alex Lifeson all of a sudden.

…and kudos th @RonGilbert for staying calm. At the second mention of “Super Monkey Island” I’d have stuck the microphone into his beeping mouth.

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This reminds me of an upcoming adventure game:

There’s an interview to Steve Kirk in Episode 123 of the Sound of Play podcast:

He starts talking more about Thimbleweed Park at around 55:20 min.