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I thought I had already scoured the internet for all podcasts related to TwP or Ron Gilbert but I just found one I missed from last month!

Anybody listen to Watch out for Fireballs?

A fun listen, although maybe nothing new for us obsessive fans. Nice to know the game still has a strong tail.


Had you seen this one (Eaten by a Grue)?

I discovered this Podcast recently, and I’ve been listening to it on my daily commute, as I am a huge Infocom text adventure fan, and I love reliving the games I’ve played. It’s pretty cool because the only non-text adventure they’ve made a podcast for is Thimbleweed Park. I’ll confess though, I haven’t listened to it yet (finishing their Zork II podcast now, TWP is next!).


The men of low moral fiber podcast ( featured TWP a couple of months ago.

They even interviewed David Fox:

They generally play through classic Lucasfilm adventure games and talk about their development. While their research isn’t top notch (to say the least), I find their childhood stories really amusing and it’s a podcast I can enjoy.

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One of the best interviews to Ron Gilbert I’ve heard in a podcast was in the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast:

(it is a pre-TWP kickstarter interview).

They even did a podcast with Mark Ferrari as guest (during TWP development):


Thanks for the recommendations guys. This should keep me going through a couple more work days :grin:

I’ll have to check that one out too! The retronauts also did a fun podcast about Zork.


Two more adventure game podcasts I recently found:

Point and Click - An Adventure Game Podcast
(I found this one just a couple of days after it went into a hiatus)

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