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Oddly, I can’t see those Google captions (at least not on my iPhone, didn’t try on my laptop yet)?


Do you see a “caption” icon on the lower right of the video when you are playing it on your phone? It lets you pick which captions to use, and you should select “English (Auto-Generated)”. This works on my iPhone. You might need to do a “zoom out” gesture in the center of the video (reverse pinch) to get to full screen mode first to see the icon.


I’ve uploaded all the podcasts now. The link above should still work, but here is a new one.

And just for @ZakPhoenixMcKracken and @Nor_Treblig - I’ve added a new (Fake) Podcasts “Bonus” playlist as well!


Thanks for all the hard work. It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:


:blush: I’m ashamed!


Thanks! I learned something today!


So I finished my 100% manual* transcription of the first podcast.
I did not yet get rid of the “you knows”, but I marked the non-meaningful ones as [uk], short for U Know, you know?
In the beginning, I also transcribed hesitations and repetitions, between brackets, but I quickly stopped doing that since it adds nothing unless you want to reenact the podcast word for word.

I try to insert some time markers too at least every two minutes, but only if it isn’t interrupting the flow.

Let me know what you think!

*: 99.99%, since I had to look up 1 word “integral” in the youtube auto-captions which sounded like “anical”

TWP podcast #1 transcript

[uk]=you know
[…]: implied words
<00:00>: time markers, so you can find back where the good parts are in the
kinda, gonna, wanna = kind of, going to, want to
**: annotation, reference to a future post/comment/game fact
^^: this is funny, interesting, between << to >> marker
[???]: I need some help transcribing this word. Completely unintelligable

Podcast #1
Transcribed by Sushi

[The first 10 seconds of the TWP theme song]

R: Hi, I’m Ron Gilbert…

G: I’m Gary Winnick…

R: … and this is our first Standup Meeting Podcast.
A standup meeting is a thing a project usually has in the mornings, where everybody on the team gets
together and talks very very briefly about what’s going on in the project -
[what happened, erm…] what’s gonna happen today and what happened yesterday.
Usually the meetings are standup just so they’re quick and they don’t drag on. So
we’re gonna do these Standup Meeting Podcasts, they’re probably gonna last less than
5 minutes and we’ll probably do them once a week. If things go well, we might
do them more than once a week, but we’ll certainly start with once a week,
doing them Friday mornings and getting them up on the website by Friday
So, let’s start!

G; OK, so let’s see… Right now, I continued working on
the wireframe for the game… so right now I am working on the rooms - mainly
interior rooms at the moment, because there is a lot more of those than
there are of exteriors. However, the exteriors are setting the scene, so I am
doing a number of those. Right now, I am working on the Edmund House area,
which is going to be familiar to a lot of people. I think it’s coming out well
and we’re still working on figuring out some puzzles but it’s all coming
together, certainly from a standpoint of a prototyping demo build, which Ron
has been putting up and I have been playing. So that’s been really cool!

R: Yeah, it’s neat to walk around the world! That’s one of the things that is
really exciting to me in getting all these rooms wired up: [is] just
walking. Just walking around and kinda seeing how everything hooks together.

G: Yeah, it’s actually amazing how quickly these rooms can be in, because [uk]
of the versatility of the engine and the scripting language you are

R: Yeah, it takes maybe 10 minutes for me to go from the raw art to actually
being able to walk around the room. Which is kinda nice.


G: [It] certainly doesn’t take me 10 minutes to draw a room, yet! [Ron laughs] Maybe
we’ll get there… that’ll be really…[uk, I’m not sure, uk] I am not sure what predates 8-bit in my mind,
but it will be like [uk] Atari 2600 stuff or something like that. [2]

R: yeah, programming is easy. Programming is really easy!

G: Yeah, any monkey can do it, probably.
Let’s see… Other thing I’ve been working on: talking with Ken
Macklin, he’s doing some more detailed character development, he’s going to be
doing the cover painting. So I’ve been sort of going a bit back and forth with him,
first we’re just working on making sure the designs of the characters make
sense to the overall story and look like they fit into…, you know, being able to tell the
story. So that stuff is starting to look really good.

R: Yes, that was nice. That was nice, the stuff he did. When was he supposed
to be done with the cover designs?


G: Well, it should take him about a month to do everything from start to
finish. He really just started last week and the first thing he has to do is
give us a number of layouts for composition. And one of the things we probably want to
do with those, is actually post those on the blog so people can see the
progression of that. It might take a little while to get to that, because I
want to make sure all that stuff is on the right track.

R: Sure. Yeah, that makes sense.

G: So, what the hell have you been doing?

R: Let’s see… Last week, I’ve got the first pass at playing sound effects
in, so the clock inside the Mansion actually does a little “tick”. You’ll see that, I’ll do a wireframe
build for you as soon as we get off this call. [Gary: Oh cool]. So you can see
that working.
R: Let’s see… I’ve been adding a bunch of commands to the debugger 'cause I
spent yesterday with David Fox and he was getting him all set up and there was
a lot of things with the debugger that he needed to get working before he came
on, because I have essentially been developping out just directly in Xcode up
until now. And I don’t want him to have to run Xcode, I want him to be able to
run the engine standalone. So there was a lot of debugger functions that I
need to get working before I went up and talk to him.

G: You know, I really enjoy being an artist, because I understand completely
everything you’re saying. [Ron chuckles] I’ve had a dream about X-code the other day, so… I’m not sure, maybe Z-code or
Y-code or …
R: You know, the sad thing is I actually do dream about Xcode [2]
G: Oh, man!
R: [laughing] That’s probably the sad thing!

R: So anyway, I spent the day with David and he is up and running and he has
wired in his first three rooms. So that’s pretty good…
That was my week, last week. Next week, my goal is to get the game running on
Windows. I think I am almost there, it’s probably just another day I would say to get it
all running on Windows…

G: So you feel that we are making pretty good progress, overall?

R: Yeah, I think the engine has come together a lot faster than I thought.

G: That’s great.

R: Probably… at least a couple of months ahead of where I thought I would be…

G: Oh, man, don’t say stuff like that!
R: Yeah, well that is a dangerous thing to say, 'cause those two months are
gonna go away at some point in the project. But I figured that it would be June
before I would be where I am right now with the engine, so I think that’s
And also next week, I need to send out a couple of Kickstarter mails to
people. There were the people who got to name objects and characters and I need to
send out an email to them since we are getting the design ready, we should
actually get those objects so they can be an integral part. So, I’ll send
out a Kickstarter survey to some people next week and then we’re doing a
brainstorm with you and David and I finalizing Act 3.

G: Yeah, I mean overall just in terms of my feel for the story and everything,
it is coming together pretty concisely in my head. It actually make sense
unlike where we were with Maniac [Mansion] at this point in time.

R: Yeah… the only part about it to me is just the Act 3. It’s like we know
all the major puzzles, we know all the “beats” that happen in Act 3, but there
is just a lot of details in Act 3 that I just don’t have straight in my head.
R: So I’m hoping that a day with you and David and I, will have all the details
figured out and then I can do the Puzzle Dependency Chart[3] for it. And then
I’ll feel a lot better.

G: Yeah I mean, the [game] box can have like a circle with a slash through it
that says [uk] “No dead ends” and then [uk] an asterisk () that says [uk] ": with
puzzle dependency charts".

R: yeah, we’ll just ship a bunch of puzzle dependency charts of the box. We
don’t need an actual game.

G: Don’t promise anything like that! [Both laugh] I mean, the people can see that stuff
on the blog.
R: Yeah I know.

R: OK, I think that’s it. That’s really it for me.
G: Yeah, I mean, just [uk] "forward and more of the same"
R: OK.
G: Al right, talk to you later
R: All right. Bye!
G: Bye!

[2]: “Xcode is an integrated development environment for macOS containing a
suite of software development tools developed by Apple for developing software
for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.”


@all: Should I convert them to text? Or SRT files?

Great work! How long did it take to transcribe them?

You could add such markers every time the discussed topic changed. This would also allow to generate a table of content.


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is shown as this:


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Three hours or so. But I discovered quite late I could also play back at 1/2 speed which allowed me to transcribe almost continuously, without having to skip back 15 seconds. So I think overall I should be able to do it 4 times slower than the actual audio time. For sure if I can start from a raw auto-caption transcript.

I prefer plain text (as I am not interested in translating them in other languages, but more in annotations and marking the funny parts)


Excellent!!! Thank you very much!


Hey @RonGilbert, I propose that for your next game, you replace those spontaneous podcasts with ones that are fully scripted in advance to save us time of transcribing and you the time for editing them. :slight_smile:


Thanks Someone, of course I meant anyone (is he related?)


Done. Is there a way to upload these text files somewhere? Is it possible to share them via PMs?
@RonGilbert: Are you interested in these files too?


They could chat in written form and use a text-to-speech tool for the podcast. :slight_smile:

This means that it would take about 80 hours to transcribe all podcasts. 21 hours of podcasts are just a lot. :frowning:


Just PM me the second one, so I can time how long it takes me to edit that one. The first two are both 7 minutes, so it won’t require (a lot of) complex math to compare


You mean the text of podcast number 2?




As it is only one podcast I’ll attach it here - maybe others are interested in the text too. :slight_smile:

Text of Podcast #2

hi I’m on Dilbert
I’m Gary Winnie and welcome to the
second stand-up meeting tumbleweed Park
podcast so I think last week Gary
started that right you started yeah yeah
I like to talk more than you act even
though you do a fine job all right then
I will go first today so what I did last
week I think last week most of my time
was spent on the engine David started
working I think week before last so last
week he was doing a lot of stuff so a
lot of it was just fixing bugs that he
was finding so I fixed a lot of his
stuff we had an issue with height of the
rooms that pixel height of the rooms was
inconsistent so I had to go through and
kind of do a bunch of math and figure
out a consistent pixel height you know
due to kind of the white screen H or the
rooms and stuff so I got that done and
then David and I went through and fixed
all our rooms
I added text objects to the engine so
you can display text on top of the
screen now and that’ll be important for
you know close-ups that have text things
like when you’re leafing through the you
know thimble weed nickle newspapers
being able to render text on stuff on
top of stuff completely under script
control and I was most to get the
Windows version compiling but I didn’t
actually get that done so that has
slipped to next week and that’s what I
did last week this week is finishing up
the walk boxes I’m almost done with that
I hope to get the WAP boxes in probably
by the end of the day tomorrow and we
had our big brainstorming meeting with
yesterday with David and we got all of
the act three puzzles done and so most
of today I will be putting together the
puzzle dependency chart for act three
and one thing I wanted to do is I want
to take I want to take the Aqua Net to
an act three puzzle two penny charts and
and put them now into one big giant
puzzle dependency chart for the game so
that’ll that’ll probably take me a while
yeah because it’s not easy enough to
understand right now or hard enough to
understand yeah cuz it’s the three
different acts and they’re not
completely separate you know there’s
some puzzles that you start
and you actually finish in act 3 and
right now there’s no real connection
between those things so I just want to
get it into one big one big chart
that’ll probably take me a while that’ll
probably take me three or four hours of
just connecting everything together to
get that done and then next week I
really do want to get the windows build
working so I mean I was watching you do
the puzzle dependency charts while we
were brainstorming and I was kind of
interested how dynamically you were to
able to pull things and move them around
and like you know change arrows and
stuff that seemed like what’s the
program you’re using for that it’s
called OmniGraffle yeah it looks pretty
cool I’m gonna have to like you know try
to figure out how to use it or just not
use it I’m not sure but yeah it’s the
thing the thing I like about OmniGraffle
you know there’s a lot of charting
programs out there but the thing I’m
gonna gravel does is when you make two
connections it will redo the entire
graph automatically so you know you
don’t spend a lot of time sorting your
boxes to get them in order you just make
connections and a resource and that’s
the thing I really like about about
OmniGraffle for that all right
that’s me so yeah what I’ve been up to
really is kind of more the same what I
did last week and what I did this week
other than the fact that you and David
came down for brainstorming which was
you know a nice diversion but we also
managed to accomplish I think a lot it’s
it’s amazing to me how you know when we
do things over Skype it works but when
you get everybody together in person it
goes so much faster you know it’s just
yeah there’s there’s something about
being in person that that really helps
with brainstorming yeah I mean you can
see the expression on people’s faces
when they’re getting pissed off stuff
like that whereas on skype it’s just
like are you mad no I’m not mad but
anyway so I’ve just been working
primarily on wire framing rooms because
there’s just this long list of rooms I
think there’s a in the neighborhood of
about 70 total rooms and the game at 78
okay we give it a take a few and so I
would say where maybe I’ll go out on a
limb and say we’re about halfway through
that or a little over halfway through
that right now
yeah that that feels about right yeah
and what we’re trying to do is sort of
finish getting all of the wire framing
together by the end of this month so we
can actually walk through the entire
game from start to finish
won’t be able to do everything but
you’ll be able to sort of have a
contiguous continuity
in terms of walking from place to place
which lets us you know understand how
spatially the map works and whether or
not you know player can I sort of
understand how they’re getting from
point A to point B I think it’s working
out I mean there’s a few things we’ll
have to modify but overall it feels like
it’s fairly solid the other thing is is
that in addition to doing that which is
basically what I’m doing right now this
week I’m kind of last week I worked on
the manor house stuff the mansion stuff
that’s like related to the house that we
have in the game and then this week I’ve
been working on the hotel and the hotels
a little bit more complicated just
because of the expansiveness of the
scale of rooms inside of the hotel at
least in terms of things like you know
the entryway in ballrooms or thimble con
takes place and stuff like that so
that’s all coming together I think it’s
actually some of it’s looking pretty
funny to me I’m you know I don’t know if
we’ll post any of that you know I want
to make sure obviously that everything
we do is spoiler free and just to
anybody who’s listening everything we’re
telling you right now is 100% spoiler
free at this point in time yeah I got
the the room the I guess the hotel floor
I got that wired in and I wired in the
elevator so you can actually push the
buttons and the elevator doors open and
you can walk in the elevator and you
can’t actually take the elevator
anywhere yet but but you but the
elevator is actually functioning and
that was that was pretty cool for some
reason I love elevators in adventure
games I don’t know why did you put up a
more recent build that has all that in
it yet or not no the build I think the
less built you had crashed sorry yeah I
need to do a new build I’ll do a new
build as soon as we’re done with the
call cool and then the other thing I’m
doing is I’m looking at other resources
relative to both working inside of the
game but also we’re starting to look at
all the ancillary materials for the
games so as we mentioned previously Ken
Macklin’s been working on the cover were
been going back and forth with him he
has a new round of layouts we will
probably post some of those I did have a
conversation with Ken and he’s willing
to write a couple blog posts on our on
thimble we’d Park comm so we’ll be able
to have something from Ken directly
about his process up there and then I’m
going to be working with a couple of
graphic designers or mainly one graphic
designer I’m not
name names right now because I’m still
working that out but we’ll be working to
sort of develop the actual logos for the
you know printed materials for the box
and for the poster and things like that
as well as coming up with a logo for
travel toy box which is our company so
that’s kind of what I’m doing right now
okay sounds good okay all right well I
guess I will talk to you and anybody
else who cares to listen next week all
see you around okay bye


Would it be easier for us to just legally change our names?

Collecting Lucasarts games

Admit it, you´ve long been considering that for different reasons, anyway.