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All the phonebook messages and all the books in the library

This was quite a task but a rewarding one. I recorded all the voicemail messages including the names at the beginning of each video. Also, all the books in the library. Just in case someone wants to remember their contribution to the game, or just for the fun of reading/listening.


Congratulations for the effort. Now someone should make an index with timestamps… :innocent:


He/she would be welcomed :smile:

Let me rephrase.

Now @someone should make an index with timestamps


Wow! That is no small effort. 56 hours for the books! That’s serious dedication. I’ll be listening to the voicemails as background while at work now, thank you! I always was interested in hearing what was there but didn’t have the kind of patience you have demonstrated.

Update - I just realized there was a separate video for the voicemails for each letter of the alphabet, and a another one for “special” messages. And the 56 hours I mentioned above was just for the first floor of books, you have separate videos for each floor. This is really an incredible accomplishment.


Actually it’s 56 minutes, just a quick glance at every book so you can pause the video if interested in reading fully :wink: I won the paperback phone book in twitter so I decided to use it to record all the voicemails. It was much easier that way. The books were more tiresome to do but I was so curious about them :grinning: I hope people enjoy my videos, that was my goal in recording them.


That was surely a tough task! I didn’t take the time to read all the books…

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Fortunately the books are two pages long :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ha - thanks for the hours/minutes correction, @AnaMoon . Still, many hours of effort here - incredible.
Thanks again, I’m very much enjoying listening to the voicemails as a background track while working :slight_smile:

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Incredible. That deserves a special TWP forum reward.


Thanks to EmTaya for the index with timestamps!

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