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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


Hear ye, hear ye! It is the first Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum trial podcast!
Please take it as the joke that it is! However if you really care, we can all work together to make it better some day. :slight_smile:

People, come back!

So today @tasse-tee and I will attempt to start some podcasting. At the moment it looks like we cannot do it live. But we can still read you here. So suggestions for stuff to talk about are welcome. If the result is good it´ll be posted in this place. Until then feel free to chat with us here, while we are recording.

Can´t give an exact time now, but should be still this evening if it works out. :slight_smile:


You should talk about your favorite German food!


How is the weather, what did you last week and what are you going to do next week?

Oh, and are the signals strong tonight? :slight_smile:


You can also discuss whether I should use the super key or the funky unknown symbol key.


We´re done for the night. That was a messy start.


Indeed :rofl: With lots of technology problems…
We’ll release an edited version of the recording in the next few days.


Those two videos are actually the two audio recordings. I have to save them from the chat first.




Yep, that’s something Germans want to read every time when looking down at their keyboards!






are you guys using twitch, youtube, or what?


No, really… can you explain the original joke? I think it passed over my head!:sweat_smile:




“Alt” is German for “old”. Frenzie placed the keys “Super” and “alt” next to each others, so one can read “Super alt” = “Super old”.


Oh, ok. So I actually got it, eventually. I thought of that (hence my reply), but it didn’t seem to match with the “every german wants to read it”…
I was just looking too much into it. :blush:


No German would like to read that he/she/it is super old. That’s all, folks! (Imagine Bugs Bunny music here)



Why not? It’s cool to be super alt! :slight_smile: