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The (almost) Real Transcript Podcast #68 (off-topic again)


Actually it said ‘into’ :neutral_face: Maybe through an ear? Ew.

I guess you lose the poo-poo reference with the English version. Which makes the illustration a bit random.

I assumed @Sushi was talking about the actual spellchecker, but @milanfahrnholz made a joke about it being about me.


Yes, I thought the same. :slight_smile:

Now I’m confused. :slight_smile: (I really, really shouldn’t browse the forum while working…)


You´re really have a thing with ears and gross things, haven´t you?

But I guess it might be the best possible translation. In both languages it seems to be the most polite way to phrase it, but english doesn´t seem to have a phrase that also specifies the place where it was dun on? At least I can´t think of one off the top of my head (near-pun not intended).

I think it means no one is right…and no one is wrong… :man_shrugging:


Exactly! That’s where autocorrect makes it look as if you wrote stuff you never intended to. All the more embarrassing! Phones’ autocorrects are especially notorious in this respect.
that children’s book about the mole just got a very PC title in English. Hence not funny. I bet this clown could come up with a better title. Take it away, Mr. R. ! (WARNING: bad language coming up)
:ransome:So which of you fuckers took a fuckin’ shit on my head? Fucking crap!!!
Answer (spoiler): it was the assbadger


Yeah, the autocorrect of Nokia was infamous for turning the name “Maxi” into the word “Nazi”…

And I could totally see Ransome in that story!



:open_mouth: Most certainly not!!

Didn’t you listen to the song? “Wombles are tidy and Wombles are clean!

Here, you’d better listen to another song so you don’t forget. (my favourite!)


I was referring to your fav #4, but hey nice Wombly (Womblishly?) insert there! Or did the Wombles feature an ***badger? I didn’t know about that show. Like you probably never heard of this one


Well, in Italian, Nokia’s old T9 system had the interesting habit of suggesting “fascism” when you wrote “hebraism”. It was pretty fun.


Oh yeah, I get what you mean now :stuck_out_tongue:

The adjective they usually go for is “Wombling” :grin:

Who is that?? I don’t think there was a badger in The Wombles.


The badger from De fabeltjeskrant


Oooo, I’ll have to see if I can find any clips on YouTube later! Or maybe you can help me with that :smiley:

Sounds like they’re planning a comeback for 2019!


T9 was really weird…


Hi, my name’s Kate, and I’m a grossaholic.

Or if you’re Buffalo Springfield, nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.


** squeaky sound of chairs slowly being pushed away ** *

*assuming that´s in a group that doesn´t consist of all grossaholics.


Well I only went because I didn’t read the small print and thought GA stood for Gillian Anderson.


So that´s why you smeared peanut grease all over your application!


I’ve just realised that I can do this


ahahahaha, I think you’ll find you do wear beeping hats!


Your memory is really quite something :slightly_smiling_face:




Wasn´t that one of the earliest exchanges we had? I don´t know.

I´d still be curious to see a picture of that meeting if there is one, though. But I still have to dig out my 12 year old me by the Thames photo first…