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The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island




I’ve been wandering for a while around that shop in MI, expecting it to be accessible in some way!

Nice touch.



Doc! Doc! Doc!
Doc! Doc!
Okay, relax, Doc. It’s me. It’s me! It’s Marty.
No, it can’t be. I just sent you back to the future.
Yeah. No, I know.
You did send me back to the future, but I’m back.
I’m back from the future.
Great Scott!

@RonGilbert Really think that a magic seltzer bottle is always useful? :smiley:


In Russia




@Sushi, do you mind to transcribe it?
Oh wait! :joy:


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken: could you write a summary in English for those who can not understand Italian?
it would be possible? do you have time?


Next opening " Stinking Gunman " Waiting for you!!!

Marty One-Eyed Willy
William “Dogfish” Tannen


Yes I’ll do it, sooner or later


The map mentions that located in the DeLorean are instructions on how to repair it, using 1955 components, so that Marty can return to 1985. " Hill Island "


Transcription of @dany82 interview.
Notice: in the first 18 minutes, the Radio deejays are talking about videogames, Monkey Island and Back To The future. Here starts the interview with Daniele:

R: We are back, and now we will reveal to you why, today, we have talked about Monkey Island and Back to the Future.
On December 8th, on youtube we watched a mysterious trailer, which talked about a videogame, currently in production, which is mixing these two… it’s curious, and unexpected. Two completely different genres, one from the movies and the other from the videogames… that’s the reason why we decided to make a phone call to the creator of this fan made videogame, “Back to the future part 3 - timeline of Monkey Island”, @dany82 Daniele Spadoni. Good evening Daniele.
D: “Hi, good evening to you.”
R: “Good evening, welcome to the Level App.”
D: “thank you.”
R: “We would like to make you some questions. Your game is fan-made, you are working on it by yourself or with the support of other fans?” “And another thing, sorry for my interruption… since by playing it we understand that you are making it by yourself, we would like to know it is possible to give our contribution, some way, to this project?”
D: “Since it’s a fan game, there are no donations, nor cooperations. I can make it all by myself, I’m used to work this way, since the Commodore times.”
R: “oooh!”
D: “eheheh. Let’s say that I come from another world, not the videogames world. I have just learnt a free program, which allows you to create point-n-click games like the old times. I am a challenge, to create something that could lead you back to the past.”
R: “Oh, you just mentioned the Holy Graal, the Commodore! Beyond the love to your sagas, Monkey Island and Back to the Future, where this idea to join two universes comes from? Where did you get your inspiration?”
D: “Recently, I was playing with Monkey Island… I was noticing that there are some locations, or rooms as we can call them, that you couldn’t enter.”
R: “Ah!”
D: “For instance that famous scene of the Diskette 22, where you were asked to insert the Diskette 22 to enter in another location, another room which was not possible, it was clearly a joke. So I asked myself, why not to use these missing locations, and to explain the reason why they weren’t used back then. So, someway, I got the idea to insert parts, go back to the past and to change the timeline that we all know, of Back to the Future 3.”
R: “Very, very clever.” “The idea is clever and interesting, we personally tried the demo and were very curious. We ask you to wait a few minutes again for a little musical break, we are back.”

…translation to be continued… (I have to go now :slight_smile: )


Hill Island - 1955 -


Twitter :


The Clock July 1 ,1655


I’m from the future.
I came here in a time machine that I invented, and tomorrow I have to go back to the year 1985.


@David , It will be Marty to recover the “can of gas” for his Delorean.
@ZakPhoenixMcKracken :wink:


After a travel to Thimbleweed Park?


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken no. Mars 1655. :wink:
ps: the alien broom does not sleep.