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The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island


How’d you come up with Marty’s space suit? Is it a reference to something?


Yeah, he wears that in the scene from BTTF where he pretends to be an alien called “Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan”.


It’s the radiation protection suit he and Doc are wearing when fuelling up the DeLorean with plutionium at the start of the first movie.


Yep, that´s where he got it from.


Alright, thanks. I don’t really remember that. :slight_smile:


Marty has identified the seventh symbol !! DESTINATION MARS !!



I recognise a few of those actually. I think the second is jupiter and the eight is venus.


“Simone from Ghostbusters Italy”


Mars, year 1655:
The Meteor , Green Tentacle and Purple Tentacle in prison!


New York , year 1984 !


I thought that other car usually hung out in Vegas?


I’ve made a decision.
The complete game for free will be released in 2019.
No other demo will be released.


That gives you about a year? :wink:


But Green is the “good” one!


It’s a victim of the society! :slight_smile:



Mars, year 1655


Gigantic monkey head closed for construction.


The Holy Grail !!!