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- The Fan Game - Zak McKracken : A Mansion, a Meteor and the Alien Mindbenders

Based on characters created by
David Fox & Matthew Alan Kane

  • The Fan Game - Zak McKracken : A Mansion, a Meteor and the Alien Mindbenders

I had just returned home when I noticed a puddle of water lying on the floor in the kitchen. I immediately thought of a leak, so I went to get my tools and tried to repair the leak, but … the more I went further to try to reach the pipes, the more I was dragged. In the end, I found myself in a tunnel of light and in another kitchen in the past.

A Daniele Spadoni Production



The following game is a NON PROFIT Fan Game producer for entertainment purpose only.
All Characters, all related marks, logos and associated names and reference are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. This Fan Production is not open to commercial ADS. It is not intended for sales of any sort. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. The content of this Fan Game could not be sold, rented or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. There is no financial gain made from it.


And a Vespa!

Oh-oh, I found a plot hole:

Zak always has his :toolbox: in his pants. Sometimes closed, sometimes open: :hammer: :wrench: :scissors: :monkey: :wrench:


I wonder if Zak takes a shower every now and then, and changes his pants… :thinking:
Oh wait: there’s no bathroom in his house! :flushed:

Now I understand why he travels by plane so much!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Wait, does this mean Zak never returns and this Håkan Nordkvist guy buys his flat to later mess around in the kitchen in 2006?
And isn’t commuting between Öland and San Francisco a super annoyance?

Btw. never heard of 11.22.63 before but this was a nice trailer.

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In my game, the space-time tunnel leads to a place and a certain time. Zak can come and go. :wink:

:thinking: I wonder how it displays references to deleted posts.



Trailer :


A brief summary of this new upcoming game.

A few years after the events of Zak, he is rich. :sunglasses:He owns The National Inquisitor and enjoys his work. But a new Caponian menace is arriving… this time, Zak will need to go back and forth through space AND time!

The game is funny. When it will be released, try it.


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken I like your plot. I steal it. :smiley:

Spanish version Available

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