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The MemeTron 3000


Huh? Absolutly not! I´ve never even been remotely close to being a princess. I like sushi however…


See. Proof.







Tiny Bender is right, though!


Me having to click that small thumbnail didn´t ruin the surprise effect for me, though. So no worries. :wink:






…I’m sorry :sweat_smile:


And then once in a while @RonGilbert shows up at the forums and says:


So I found out the actual context for the Riker picture.

He´s actually using his finger to point at Troi adressing her in a conversation, somehow this makes it even funnier. :joy:


To me, the round thing on the wall made me think of a giant bullet.


I think it´s a lamp or something, but that would be some bullet!


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You know, it´s kinda funny. We have like two active women on the forum and both fit the description “Katie from England” what are the odds? :sunglasses:


Not only them! We have Katerina B. which is a moderator and tester for TWP, Katie Postma the social media manager…

TWP team: do an AD campaign for TWP adressed to women named Katerine! There’s a huge potential there!


Just let the next game´s protagonist be named Kate and give her a british accent.

British accents! :heart:


By the way guys, these are all different names - in my case, “Katie” isn’t short for “Katherine”.
Get them mixed up at your peril. :wink:


I’ve heard that in the TWP expanded universe, Delores is already known as Delores Katerine Edmund…