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Oh, and by the way I´m not saying that @PiecesOfKate isn´t unique or anything! :open_mouth:

Better be careful what I say, she´s in possesion of the power of X-Files spoilers!


Sorry, I thought it was one of the different forms derived from Katherine


You’re right, the name is derived from Katherine. But I would never refer to myself as a Katherine.
(Anyway, I was just joking :wink: )

My mum always used to get annoyed when people called her Joanne instead of Joanna.


Same, and seconded :wink: I was christened Katie and tend to shorten it to Kate.

I find it really weird when people shorten others’ names without any indication that they go by that.


Creating the TWP song

Oh that´s a surprise, I thought it was the other way round.

See, you are unique! Uniquely diabolic!


See, I’ve had other people think that in the past, but I find it odd since ‘Kate’ is clearly shorter than ‘Katie’.

That’s right. Mwahaha! MWAHAH- *chokes on grape*


Yeah but nicknames aren´t always about being shorter but being…cuter…for lack of a better word.

Kate sounds more formal than Katie. I wouldn´t call a Kate a Katie unless she was a real good friend.


That’s interesting. I hear it the other way round. But that might be because ‘KATIE!’ usually means my mum is telling me off.


Kat would be even shorter. :cat:


It would be, but I think most Kats are Katherines originally. That might just be the people I know though.

Please don’t joke about spelling errors.


So anyway, if you rather be called Kate than Katie I´ll take notice. :slight_smile:



I use Kat as my name in videogames, but nowhere else. Probably because I was asked to enter a nickname for some game or other in the past, and I don’t really have any nicknames.

Except more recently, my friend I studied German with calls me Katja (the j pronounced as a ‘y’) :smile:


Common name in germany. It´s russian I believe.


Yes, but I haven’t heard that name for years…


You maybe need to get out a bit more…


All this talk of British Katies and now I have that Libertines song in my head, What Katie Did.





Hey, no worries! I´m with you actually:


You’re capable of going off topic even in a topic about memes.

That’s some real talent here!