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The MemeTron 3000


It’s been a while.




Yeah, Only discovered this thread now. I was busy transcribing podcasts at the time, while you were all getting acquainted. So prepare for a mega reply post. Just the way Discourse likes it…

The mindbender didn’t have one either.

try again…try harder…

not quite!

why, thank you!

in my case, some people (typically French people) tend to add a letter to my real name. (not Sushi :scream:) Drives me straight through the roof.

:laughing: … though only after realizing you were referring to notes (American style) and not chords.
Do, re# and sol enter a bar…
So @tasse-tee was right that the bar has a dual purpose in the joke … which I analyzed to death by now. Still funny though! I’ll tell it at my next band rehearsal!


:ray: “So, tell me again why you’re here…”
:reyes: “I’m here to ask if you still want to get my emails after GDPR takes effect”


Tell me about it!

As of yesterday The Guardian have managed to start sending me job alert emails two years after I opted out of them. I predict a news story soon…