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The MemeTron 3000


I wonder if it’s in D minor (the saddest of all keys innit?)


Yes, yes it is!

Come to think of it I think Teach Your Children is in D Major… :thinking:


C, D# and G enter a bar. The bartender says: sorry, we don’t serve minors.


Aha, I found a music pun in both sentences.


Where is the pun in the first one? I could see one if bar was written “barre”.


“Bar” is a musical term too, even if “entering a bar” probably isn’t a thing in that context.


That was unintended :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, there’s an Italian facebook page dedicated to music puns and other music related comedy.

I once submitted this:

Translation: “Marry one of my daughters, but you’ll ascend the throne only if you marry my first daughter. Is it clear?”

Answer: “B, BC: G Amaj E F D”, which in Italian is “sì, sire: sol la maggiore mi fa re”, which means “yes my king, only the oldest one makes me king” :smiley:


Oh yes the measurement of time in four beats (don´t need to click the link for that). Well if you write those chords down on paper it would make sense I think. I was thinking a bit to complicated just now.


For a moment, I thought the answer could be: “G Amaj E F: A C” :ransome:


That would make the other daughters some mediocre wives, shouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

(For the others: it means “only the oldest daughter says I’m sexually active:stuck_out_tongue: )


You guys are schweinhunds.




A pig can shave wherever it likes because it always carries its own electrical outlet.


Oink, oink :pig:

Made me think of one of my favorite songs: Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood

…said the beeping guy who only responds when most users are probably asleep! :ransome:


filthy foreigner you! :statue_of_liberty: :us:


Yes, though at least I live on an island* off the coast of :us: and not the part that voted for :ransome:

*Joke shamelessly stolen from Eddie Izzard


I don´t remember who said it (might have been Jon Stewart):"Of course New Yorkers don´t like :ransome:, they know him!


Yes, I’m biting my tongue so I don’t get political here.

I guess I’d rather play Thimbleweed Park.



Me reacting to people enjoying my line readings in a japanese accent: