The Mother of All Nostalgic Posts(TM): the first video game you played

You definitely grew up well! :blush:Thank you for sharing this.

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I absofreakinglutely LOVED Sokoban.

I liked it too and I’ve even ported it to a TI calculator (although probably without a proper level editor).

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Not the first C64 game I have played, but I played it a lot:
The Castle of Doctor Creep

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“Treasure” for Radio 86-RK


I really like the direction of photography, it sets a mood!
The colors, lights, objects… very nice. Those games are really not only the games itselves, but also many other things they gather in us.

Ghostbusters by Crane on C64 was absolutely my favourite for a LONG time.


Yes! I actually played that one to completion a few times, which is more than I can say for most of my C=64 games.

You entered ZUUL?!?

Yeah, well actually… I shut-down the portal. You have to go in past the Marshmellow Man in Spook Central to get to the top, then fire up the proton guns at the portal.

You then get an account code with more money so that you can play again and get the cool high performance car and all the accoutrements. :slight_smile:


I was never able to enter ZUUL, the giant Michelin always killed two men.
But I remember there was a trick to have $1000000:
When asked to enter your name (First, Last), leave it blank (press Return).
Then, as account number, type 458.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah, there was that trick too, which I used as well. Hehehe.

Passing the Marshmellow Man requires a timing and precision knack, but once you figure it out, it’s really not too hard. :wink:

I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do it now. :open_mouth:

Tonight, it’s a night of amarcord…

Who remembers Bruce Lee on Commodore 64?


Played the Speccy version. Simple, but bucket-loads of fun.

Is there a Bruce Lee game based on Game of Death? It seems like tailor made for a game, it has levels, regular enemies and bosses(fighting a giant Kareem Abdul Jabbar would be awesome).
Kung Fu Master is, I believe, based on Jackie Chans Wheels on Meals.

Ah, you brought back great memories! My sister and I played that one a lot. I controlled Bruce, she used the green sumo guy. We beat it a couple of times!

I do!!

The green one is male?

Well, it doesn’t look like a female, to me.
Not according to my standards…