Name a thing! Name the game!

What about playing a little game? :slight_smile:

No prizes this time, the game is just an excuse to remember together our beloved adventure games.

Here is how it works: I write the name of an object, place, animal or type of character/profession (e.g. a ghost, a pirate, an attorney) that I’m sure appears in at least one adventure game and you post a reply telling us two things:

  1. The name of an adventure game in which that thing appears and approximately where the player can find it in the game, to prove that you actually remember it and you’re not just guessing. When you do this, you have automatically won this round.

  2. A new object, place, animal or type of character/profession for the others to remember. This makes you the current host of the game!

If nobody gives an answer for a lot of time, anyone can ask for a hint and the current host has to provide it.

If the thread gets messy and more than one person provides a thing to guess at the same time, we just don’t care and try to answer to any of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have two suggestions: 1) let’s not choose ultra-popular things that would be too easy to guess, like a monkey or a clown, and 2) let’s focus for now on point-and-click adventure games, we can extend the kind of games later if we want.

I’ll kickstart the game with…

a horse!

Day of the Tentacle, inside the Mansion (in the past).

Let’s continue:

a dragon!

There is a digital dragon in the 3D virtual reality of “Sam & Max Hit the Road”. :slight_smile:

Here’s the next:

an asteroid!

Added: I’ll blur the description of the place, to avoid too many spoilers.

I think Maniac Mansion can’t be accepted, right? (Meteor… asteroid… is the same… or not?)

(You can see it from the intro sequence)

here’s my next thing:

  • a dolphin!

Easy: EcoQuest

next thing:

a billiard table

(For the dolphin, I was thinking of Zak McKracken, when he falls in the ocean…)

There’s a pool table in “Virtue’s Last Reward”, but I’m not sure if it can be classified as a standard point’n’click adventure.

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D’oh, right. (I really have to replay Zak :)) But EcoQuest has a Dolphin too.

I don’t know Virtue’s Last Reward - maybe @LowLevel can judge? :slight_smile:

A few magazines found on Google consider “Virtue’s Last Reward” a point-and-click game, at least in part, so it seems a good answer to me!

It’s up to Zak to choose the next thing. :slight_smile:

Virtue’s Last Reward is an adventure game where 9 persons are trapped inside a facility, and must solve puzzles to try to escape, but if they fail, they could be killed.
Anyway, the room with the pool table is this one:

next thing: a real chicken (with no pulley in the middle)

Easy! COMI!

At the very beginning, during the intro.

And now… a difficult one!

A dead pig

Mhmmm… I’ve been naughty. I think it’s really difficult.

I remember that in “THE DIG” there was a toolbox named “the pig”, and for sure it wasn’t alive… :grin:


Actually I was thinking about a real dead pig from another game. But your answer is smart… I think that, if nobody has the solution in a reasonable time, the Ultimate Judge™ will decide if you’re tje winner :wink:

I think that it would make sense if the current host decides if the answer that he/she has received is acceptable. :slight_smile:

I’m still thinking about the dead pig, though. I don’t remember a dead pig in any of the adventure games that I have played and I think that it’s probable that I haven’t played any game with a dead pig inside, but I might have found a loophole: I’m trying to remember some kind of ancient banquet in which there was a pig head as a dish, maybe with an apple in its mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Telltale game? The Wolf or Minecraft?

Ok, hint… it is a P’n’C adventure from the first decade of the new millennium, but its setting is in the past… and in which the protagonist is a detective.

Is a boar close enough? If so, I have an answer…

EDIT: Just looked up “boar”, and it seems that it qualifies. With that in mind…

The roast boar from the kitchen at Castle Brunwald in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (Obviously not the game from your hint.)

Next item: An advertisement for a phone company–but not a fictional phone company. (Sorry ZakPhoenixMcKracken)

Hmm… it’s a leaflet, or an Advertisement broadcasted by TV?

I remember a poster about a phone company advertisement but I can’t remember in which game I saw it. :frowning:

I’ll accept it so that the game will go on… but I’ll wait in giving the answer because maybe someone can guess.
Anyway your entry seems pretty difficult too!

There was a German adventure game called “Das Telekommmando”. It was meant as an advertisement by the German telephone company “Telekom” (still one of the biggest telephone companies in Germany and present in several other countries):

Were these a valid answer?