The search for the Thimbleweed Park Walkthrough

A quick look at the most searched words on associated with Thimbleweed Park immediately reveals that adding the internal hint system was a very smart decision. :smile:

(bigger word = more cited word)

Word clouds are an awful way to display statistics but they can be pretty. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guilty. I like how the kickstarter video search is a puzzle in the game, all that built in SEO benefit.

Ah! So thatโ€™s why! :joy: I was wondering why it was used at all since it makes little sense in the story.

I thought perhaps it was that using a completely incompatible and nonsensical object with the body caused the machine to crash.

However, why now, why this object? Since it never did that before with any other random actionโ€ฆ The promotional aspect at least explains some of the motivation.