There are many underrated Point-and-Click adventure games that you are probably not familiar with!

I’m familiar with many underrated games in the point-and-click adventure genre, but I think the best underrated point-and-click adventure game is “silent age”. It has a very interesting story and it narrates it in the best way, the game soundfxes are unique and it has modern and good graphics, I suggest you try this game. What games do you suggest?


Plus, you fry a fish by electrocution.

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When is a game underrated? :thinking:

I for myself liked “The Whispered World” a lot - just because of the impressive ending. The critics of the game were “good”, so I wouldn’t call it underrated. But I guess it wasn’t a huge commercial success.

When it only has 48 reviews on Steam :rage: why won’t people leave a review?


Ceville: I really liked the humor and that I am playing an evil character. :smiley: (But the graphics are outdated …).

Sounds legit. How do you fry a fish? :thinking:

For me it’s when a game is unknown to many, but actually quite good.

But I guess it could also mean a game that doesn’t receive the appreciation from the crowd it might deserve. So, Memoria!? :wink:.

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In Zak, putting the fish in the lamp and turning it on. In Silent Age, putting an electrified cable into a pond, if I’m not wrong. You know, I played SA 5 years ago.
Ok, ok, I played Zak much more time ago, but I have severe problems in remembering my last 10 years. One of the signs I’m getting older than my age.

Anyway, the fish puzzle is not the only classic reference. There might be a chainsaw, too




Oh, great!