Thimbleweed Park Ending Praise Thread

I found the ending to Thimbleweed deeply unsatisfying, and borderline insulting.

I’ve loved these kinds of games forever, and replay games like MI1/2 often. Solving puzzles is fun, but even when I know the solutions I enjoy the experience; completing the story, feeling the atmosphere. It’s worthwhile to follow the directed objectives to their conclusion.

Thimbleweed Park sh*ts all over that.

There’s no point, because it’s a game.

I’ll probably replay the first few parts every so often and try to forget about the rest.

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Yep, I agree - the whole thread got extremely derailed, so I’ve created a separate topic about what is and isn’t spam. Please continue the related discussion there and let’s leave this very thread for discussions about the game ending.


I honestly don’t know what I expected from this thread, but I guess some people just don’t read or care.

Touchy, much?

Forget it, just turn every nice thought into a negative, I really wanted to just hear from fellow fans of this incredible ending, but I suppose that was asking too much.

Sorry your thread got derailed! I really liked the ending. It was very original.

I’ve never seen another game let you experience their “wireframe world” like that. And after hearing all the podcasts, it was cool to finally see what Gary was talking about all those months ago.

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I love then ending! It was unexpected and well crafted. It clicks well with the story. Perhaps I felt a bit disappointing thinking that making another game in the TWP world would be hard with that ending (but that’s not a problem with the game or the game ending per se). So yes, for me it was a satisfying ending overall.

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I liked the ending too. The wireframe world was so eerie and I was wide-eyed and holding my breath through that bit, wondering what the deuce would happen next.

Some bits were drawn out a bit too much for me (such as Chuck explaining everything to Delores) but I liked the overall concept and didn’t see it coming.

I guess it was a bit risky as it wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s practically impossible to do that.

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The sudden lack of music and sounds also helped!

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Note to self: pay more attention when you have several tabs open. I thought I was still in the jogging thread when I read this…

This wouldn’t help at all… (the lack of music etc.)

I´d be more worried about total lack of sound when I´m out jogging…:scream:

I loved the ending too. But not just for the twist, but for the meaning the game had for me.

I’m a professional software developer and a wannabe adventure game designer. I entered computer science because of my love for videogames, and most of that love was due to Monkey Island.

So when I backed TWP I was already happy I could help bring back to life my old love. Then came the blog, the comments, I saw an engine grow up, the art grow up and so on, I could also contribute to the library… I felt part of the whole story.

And then came the ending. This game was… a game. The game itself was referencing its history, the very same history I followed every day for more than a year. Going back to kickstarter (I didn’t even have to, I remembered precisely what I had to do) was a wonderful way to close the circle and get back to WHY I backed it: because a small GIF image where you use a balloon animal on a pixellated corpse. I couldn’t not love it… but then came the wireframe. That was really moving.

As I said, I’ve always wanted to develop adventure games. So, being able to see how TWP looked like, how it was at the time I was constantly refreshing the blog to have some updates, was wonderful. It told another story, a development story, and it was fascinating for me. It was like discovering a bunch of old photos you didn’t know you had.

So, yes, I love the ending. And not just for the meta part. Maybe I’d have found it a bit cliché, if it were another game. But for TWP, it was the perfect ending for the 2 years I spent on this game.


@Guga I can resonate with your feelings. It was a good ending to a good story that begun before the release date.

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I’d have liked even more stuff based on that concept, it’s a really cool idea…

Reminded me of in Space Quest IV how you go “back in time” to the first game and interact with the basic graphics… I think that’s probably my favorite concept any adventure game has had…


In Tiberian Sun iirc at one point you have to reactivate a base from the original C&C.


In Pifall: the Mayan adventure, you encounter the 8-bit version of a scorpion that walked right out of the original game. Sure enough if you trace back where it came from, you can play the original Pitfall!

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There’s a somewhat similar sequence in Book of Unwritten Tales 2


Ok, without giving spoilers to any games or shows… for those who dislike the ending of Game of Thrones (like most of the internet, it seems), you clearly haven’t played games like TWP and MI2 before.
Sometimes you don’t get the ending you wanted/expected. If you got the one you expected, you can whine about how the story is predictable. If you got the one you wanted, you can pat yourself on the back (forgetting that a lot more people will fall in the other category of not getting their hoped for ending).

One constant however is that if people care about the ending, however (un)satisfying, it meant the journey was worth taking.
An ending that doesn’t get discussed, good or bad, means most or all people couldn’t care to see it through.


I didn’t watch a single episode, but what I got from the complaints is that people were promised a trip to Paris and after a 10-hour flight they were boarded on a tourist bus and quickly shown the city’s landmarks before telling them the journey is over :stuck_out_tongue:


Make that a 10 day luxury cruise and your analogy gets a bit closer to the truth (as far as I can tell; gave up watching myself after the first half of the pilot episode).

Anyway, so people think the ending is rushed!? Should have opted to read the books instead. That way they could be looking forward to the ending for another ten years :smile:.