Why do you love/like TWP?

In a lot of other threads we criticized some parts of Thimbleweed Park (and made Ron sad). So I would like to know, why and what do you love or like (in) TWP? No criticism allowed. :slight_smile: I’ll start:

  • the ending
  • Ransome
  • the good and clever puzzle-chains
  • the old-school-ness
  • the interface
  • Ransome
  • the annoying in-game-jokes
  • the backer stuff (for examples the books in the library)
  • the merch stuff and the backer box
  • Ransome
  • the sheriff-coroner-hotel-manager-a-reno
  • that the player can decide if and how the stories of the characters end
  • the open development process
  • the (still unfinished?) inventory icons
  • the beautiful background-graphics
  • some special case animations
  • the toilet paper option
  • have I said Ransome?

It’s much quicker to list the flaws than the qualities. Here is the full list of flaws:

  • The community

I would have loved it for puzzles and humor and retro style.

But the real reason I love TWP is because I felt part of its birth - from backing to following the devblog and being able to contribute to some of the content, even if it’s an infinitesimal amount, I think that the game would just have been “yet another great game” if it weren’t for how the team asked for the crowd’s involvement.

And the small community it created shows how important it was.


I was some seconds late :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot all this:



…and don´t make me say positive things about the community again, I only do these things like once a year or so…

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I’ll talk on another occasion about how the project Thimbleweed Park has positively influenced some cultural aspects of my life and I’ll just add here what I like about the game Thimbleweed Park:

  • The seriousness and sadness of the last part of the game
  • The general atmosphere of the abandoned town area
  • The pixel-art backgrounds
  • Some outstanding voice actors (the actors of Ransome and Willie in particular)
  • The writing of some dialogues (particularly Ransome’s)
  • The very good music
  • The Edmund Mansion mansion library books
  • The easter eggs
  • The arcade room
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  • Delores (who among us doesn’t want to work at MmucasFlem?)
  • The cast of NPC’s randomly wandering the circus, or the forest entrance.
  • David, Gary and Ron are in it
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I love it since

  • it has a verbs interface
  • Ray smokes a cigarette at the beginning
  • the visual style is nice and it pays homage to some great SCUMM games
  • there is a toilet paper option
  • you can pick up toilet paper and use it
  • there are hundreds of in-jokes
  • there are only very few bugs
  • the team members created awesome adventure games at LFL (which I grew up with)
  • the jokes are funny
  • there are some nice details (for examples the characters salute each other)
  • I noticed the tentacle
  • the eye animations are nice
  • there is a collector’s box with some feelies
  • Guybrush is there
  • there is not a door on top of the vista
  • the puzzle design convinced me
  • I am a backer
  • Dave just doesn’t shut the f*** up!

The pixel art is amazing
There are no noticeable bugs
It’s massively multuplatform
It doesn’t need annoying in-jokes to be funny


Not only at the beginning… She takes a cigarette break whenever you USE any ASHTRAY in the Hotel-a-boo.


It only works with the ashtrays on the hotel room corridors. It won’t work with the two ashtrays in the hotel lobby. By the way, Ray’s haircut reveals strikingly that the animation of Ray dumping the cigarette is a mirrored version of the throw animation in the opening scene. Maybe she should stand on the right-hand side of the ashtray instead, so that they could use exactly the same animation without having to mirror it, so that her haircut would be consistent.

I like Thimbleweed Park very much because it reminds me of the types of games I like to play: adventure games with very logical and soluble puzzles which reward discovery and exploration rather than punish you for not wanting to play against the designers mind.

Moreover, I think the story and the characters are very compelling, and the particular sci-if/noir genre is very appealing to me. The humour is also high point.

Although I don’t think the game is perfect, I believe that many elements combine for a master stroke of storytelling and world-building in an interactive medium.

I’ve played it countless times already (I was an iOS beta-tester for several months) and still enjoy it every time. I still don’t like the ending for various reasons, but I don’t let that spoil the overall experience, which I feel is superb.

Oh, and playing it on the iPad is a brilliant and joyous experience! :+1:


For me, this is valid for all Lucasfilm/LucasArts games: Although I had played them several times in the past, I replay these games from time to time and I still enjoy them. This is an interesting phenomenon, because I know the story, the puzzles and the endings.

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I´ve played MM and Zak at least once a year for many many years. Never gets old.

  1. The Ending

  2. The Ending

  3. The Ending (when I find time I might open a thread describing why it is so great)

  4. The ‘Matrix’ and AI theme

  5. The mystic atmosphere

  6. The humor, all the mini-jokes, references to old games and other things, and self-references

  7. The style of the GUI and overall graphical style

  8. The bookstore/library

  9. Several things that were criticized in reviews are things that I like

  10. The fact that the game gets updated and the existence of this forum for enjoyment of the game after playing.

Regarding the last point: This forum needs to be better linked from the original development blog (and other websites). It is hard to find this forum and I think we are loosing a lot of people that would be interested to be here.


The only reason why I don’t like the ending:
There is an ending. :wink:

Just imagine you could play TWP forever. That would be great, wouldn’t it? But on the other hand, one couldn’t enjoy the game over and over again. So in conclusion, it’s good that there is an ending. A good one btw.