Titantic: Adventure Out of Time

Has somebody ever played Titantic? According to GOG it’s an adventure game from 1996. I never heard about it before:


I was confused for a bit now: An adventure game on GOG I haven’t bought and not on my wishlist, how is this possible? Well I haven’t checked my news feeds, it was released today!

I haven’t heard of it but it’s published by Night Dive Studios so it must be good!

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Brazilian Samba dancers and their Tit-antics…don´t know this game, though.

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Oh wow, I played the demo of this game, I assume in 96, since that’s when it came out. I remember I needed to install a special software package in my Windows 3.11 to make it run. I thought that despite breathtaking visuals (LOL) it seemed clumsy but don’t take my word for it.

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