Adventure games bought during GOG and Steam summer sales 2017

Have you taken advantage of GOG and Steam summer sales to buy an adventure game? If yes, which adventure game did you purchase?

Here is what I purchased on Steam (I’ll exclude non-adventure games) sorted by how much I’m interested in playing them:

  1. Stories Untold
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I´m planning on checking out this thing within the comming week:

Chronicle Of Innsmouth

I hope it turns out to be at least descent. Anyone checked out that one?

I purchased the Blackwell Bundle on GOG.
Someone in the TWP development blog recommended it (was it ZakPhoenixMcKracken? I don’t remember).
I’ve been away from games for the last 10 years or a bit more (until I found out about TWP) so I’m catching up a little.

I nearly started a thread on this.

I got The Cave and Obduction.

I enjoyed playing that - it’s a nice, quaint lil game.

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Did you also have a look at the “Lovecraftian + Adventure” tagged games on Steam?

That’s a beautiful series, very well written.

I liked the atmosphere very much, my interest was mainly driven by the game minimalism and the fact that I perceived the game to be quite different from other adventure games.


Got the Room 1 and 2. Already finished. I loved them.

That´s nice, thank you!

I´ve actually just started playing Chronicle Of Innsmouth. Liking it so far, but it´s far too early to form a final opinion.

Brooke and David, who made the game, are two of the nicest people I know.


Picked up Firewatch, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, and The Cave so far. Now looking into every other title mentioned in this thread, whew.

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Yeah, same. I’m liking this genre of serene, dreamy puzzle games. I think Monument Valley falls into that category too – looking forward to playing the new one when it makes it onto Android.

Okay, I really wanted to like this I really wanted to recommend this, but no. Just no!

The game starts out so great with equal parts references to Lucasfilm Games (it mentions three headed monkeys just as it mentions Chuck The Plant) and Lovecraft stories mainly Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthuluh, The Rats In The Walls, The Dunwhich Horror and even a passing reference to Pickman´s Model, maybe even more that I´ve missed.

But then this happens (I´m totally spoiling it for you because I cannot recommend this game) :

(@ 4 minutes and 21 seconds into this video)

It is harder to do than it looks in this video, because the timer is REALLY unforgiving and you have to add some pixelhunting on top of that (searching for the hotspots of the bolt/holes in the door every time even when knowing it´s proximity). I really tried and tried and tried and got myself killed over and over and over beep* this game! I´m not gonna finish it, I completed my gaming experience by watching the above video to the end.

What a way to ruin a game that started out so nice

Well, I didn’t want to influence your gaming experience when you cited the game the first time but I had read a few negative reviews about the game and I concluded that the game had a few rough edges.

I’m sorry that your purchase wasn’t satisfying. I think that it’s difficult to find new quality games inspired by Lovecraft.

Oh, I had read those, too! I just thought it was at least managable (for me) but turns out it isn´t. I´m not religiously against action, or even reaction or timer based sequences or dying with nearby autosaves. But I had to try it outmyself to see what this is about. I hadn´t thought it was that bad. Of course such things always happen when you´re beyond the refundable time limit already…at least it wasn´t that expensive, I´m glad I didn´t pay full price for this.

I think so but I tried to play that game and it gave me the impression that it requires a lot, lot of time to be spent there. Also, the quantity of tasks to execute increases rapidly, to the point that I felt a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of things to do.

I think that giving the player a lot of tasks to do is a method to “hook” the player even more. To me, the experience wasn’t very serene and calm but a bit stressful and I abandoned the game after a few “virtual days”.

Really? That’s odd. I found it pretty much the opposite. I think I finished it in a few days - and I’m really slow! I also don’t remember ever having to do more than one puzzle at a time.

This is the first Monument Valley mobile game, right?


Oh, sorry. Ignore what I wrote. For some reason my eyes read “Monument Valley” but my brain understood “Stardew Valley”. :smiley:

Ohhhh :laughing: I thought that was odd.

So yeah, go and play Monument Valley.

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I too did not pass that part yet. but I still think the game is great…

I mean, the atmosphere when you arrive in Innsmouth was awesome.

And the puzzles were top notch. There are “listen” puzzles, “hide behind” puzzles…

it’s not an adventure game but Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was one of the best games I have ever played. the atmosphere and the story was top notch even I do not like much 1st person games.

I know what you mean eavesdropping on those Innsmouthians by hiding behind a shadowy post was something that took a bit to figure out and as I´ve mentioned I loved the whole elements, symbols, colored diamonds part. I will admit that I ragequit, but I´m not sure if this game was ever intended to be rageplayed, so it just seemed off. I´d still love to finish it though, if this part wasn´t so damn hard.

That seems to be one of the most famous ones of recent years and it´s a bit more like a first person combat kind of thing. I´m not always sure if too much combat in a Cthulhu Mythos inspired game wouldn´t ruin the whole mood.

There is a new Call Of Cthulhu game in the works set for release of this year, but I have no idea what kind of gameplay genre that is in. And everyone else seems to be unsure, too…