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Translation + Linux build 101203

In Steam, switch to the beta branch “translations” (pw: ZDWVUN9YJBH754LX) to download all the great new translations + the Linux build. Translations can be tested in Win, Mac, or Linux.

This will be the first time Linux has been tested off our dev/tester machines (all Ubuntu 20) so expect issues.

If you find any Linux or translation issues, please post them to this thread. Don’t email support. Don’t post this pw other place, I want to keep all feedback here. Post a link to the TWP forums instead. This is super early for Linux testing, so it’s best not to alert the wider community just yet.

The credits can be hard to get to so as it stands now this is how they read:

{ Community Translators }
Arto Vartiainen, Fabio “Guga” Guggeri, Fabio “Zak” Belli
Frans de Jonge, Hugo Domínguez-Santana,
Nadine and René Wagner, Vít Čondák

If you were a translator and your name is missing, please DM me.

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I must’ve messed up something. There is no Finnish selection…

I’ll look into that.

What is the correct word that should be displayed for Finnish?


Fixed. build 101204

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When you switch the languages on Main street; there are some graphical glitches
Looks like the offset for the City Limit sign is wrong in Suomi/Finnish

The bottle recycle text and the city sign are blank in Finnish.

Good catch! The city limit sign in Main street is in Finnish, but in totally wrong place.

That’s an odd one. They are not translated into Finnish, so it should drop back to English. The english versions are correct. I love a good mystery.

It looks like there is a _fi for the sign, but it’s not in the PS file, so it must have been added by hand and is not the right size.

Also true of the bottle text. If they were translated, they need to be in the PS file or they don’t get munged correctly.

Arto, did you make the graphic art translation, or was it a Guga task?

I don’t see any _fi in the PS file. There were just loose .png files in the folder but they were not the right size. I also reexport all the images from the PS files, so if needs to be in there is it’s going to make it into the game.

I checked the dimensions of the city limit sign against other versions, and they match.
The redeem-text: there’s a lot of variation between languages (46x22, 40x21, 38x21, 51x23,). FI is 28x21, so not a big difference.
PSD-file: I must’ve not uploaded the updated file… Lemme check that.

The other signs are 3050x240, the ones in the sprite sheets are trimmed, but they need the extra space to render correctly. If they are in the PS and have the same @bounds as the others, then they will export correctly.

My Steam seems to insist on downloading the Windows version even though I have the beta enabled?

Try re-entering the code. That worked for someone else. I and at least one other person have download the Steam Linux build.

In the end I got it to work by checking the “force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool” box where I could select “Steam Linux Runtime”.

After unchecking it again it’s still working. No Windows files redownloaded.

Steam oddities aside, everything seems to be working fine for me on Debian 10 (Buster). There’s sound, windowed and fullscreen work perfectly. The only “issue” I see is that the window doesn’t have an icon.

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