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Anyone a linux users?

I anyone on the translation team a Linux user?

Yup, Debian on my desktop and (K)Ubuntu on my laptop as my main OS. I only boot into Windows to play Delores! :wink:

(And maybe to run one or two other games & programs occasionally. :angel: )

Not by choice :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a Windows enthusiast, but I have Ubuntu on another machine for work reasons

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I just got the build uploaded to Steam (a beta branch). Once our internal testers have done a smoke test I’ll post the password here. 90% sure the Linux build will crash and destroy your machine. Fair warning.


I’m always after excuses not to work. I’m in.


Only professionally. I probably shouldn’t risk to destroy my employer’s machine (Redhat) but am willing to give it a try - with a fair chance it won’t let me install anything anyway.

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I am indeed a linux user
I still didn’t try Delores yet, because I was actually (lazily) waiting for this linux release.
Well, I tried to run it with Wine, but without success.
When that happens, I would be happy to help with French translation, if there’s any need.

I’m not a Linux user per se (perse means ass in Finnish, btw), but have configured some Linux installations. I could install VirtualBox and install e.g. Linux Mint on that, if it helps.

That makes a perfect pair with the Italian word “molo”, which in English means “pier”… but in Finnish… no :joy:

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I’m so glad I have taught the most important words of Finnish language in my travels… :zipper_mouth_face:

Putting the ass in ambASSador

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We must go off topic as usual, isn’t it? :rofl:

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