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When the user first selects one of the translation, I will display a dialog saying these are community translations. I need to do this because they have not fully vetted and I need some (small) protection in case there is something objectionable in one of them… not that any of your would do that. :slight_smile:

This message will be English only since that will be the state of the UI before the change.

Everyone has done an incredible job and I’m excited for this to get out there.


When I change the language in the menu, I can toggle between all translations in the game but never back to English (only through the prefs.json).

Not sure if this is intended or a bug? The debug console doesn’t print out anything unusual when loading the different translation files - as you can see it simply uses the last non-English language that was selected.

I also found another issue with the Portuguese (Br) file missing some IDs at the end (for the text speed).

It doesn’t happen always :thinking: for example, if you switch from Portuguese BR to English, it works. It’s just from German or Italian to English.

Last time Italy and Germany got together things weren’t good.

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@RonGilbert it seems to me that there’s some problem in loadtsvtable

I ran

when the current language is Italian, and it keeps loading the _it variant


but if I run it when the current language is Portuguese, it works


This happens only when the current language is German or Italian, and only if the parameter is Translations_en.tsv :man_shrugging: it just reloads the current language

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I’ll look into this when I merge all the code.

loadtsvtable(“Translations_en.tsv”) should load the current language version of the file. If Italian is set, the it would load Translations_it.tsv

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